Avebury in November 2012

Avebury Stone Circle

Avebury in November 2012

I went with a small group of members of The Reiki Association to Avebury this week, on the day of the solar eclipse. There were seven of us visiting the stone circle.

Avebury is a very special place. In the past it was a part of the Earth, but separate by its function. It has the ability to draw information in from the outer universe and push it out through the ley lines and dirt to the rest of the world. It receives information from the rest of the planet and also shares it out in the same way, and helps the Earth be more cohesive because it knows what is happening everywhere.

When the first humans walked across the Wiltshire plains and met the energy they set up stones to mark the location so they could work with the energy. That slightly changed what was happening there because 1) stones were added and they have their own purpose and qualities, and 2) humans were involved in adding the stones and working with the energy there. The circle, which has the energetic appearance of a ball rather than a flat disc, is a structure of white light. The light divides through the stones and each stone now carries a slightly different colour of light and energy. These stones work with humans for healing.

In the group everyone found a stone they couldn’t move away from until the healing was complete. What kind of healing exactly can an Avebury stone do? I helped the people to see what was happening between them and the stone, and the energy was matched to the part of the person that was hurting emotionally. Sometimes you could see it happening without ever going near the person, and sometimes two people stood at one stone and each received a slightly different healing.  The stones are doing their own version of channelling energy, and when you ask them what their purpose is most of them finish up by saying “It won’t be long now.”

We explored the circle and finished up in the centre of an area that is often covered in sheep. From outside it looks like everyone who enters there is disbursed into all their native atoms, and then reassembled as they leave. When you’re there no one is ripped apart physically, but the energy bodies disburse and for that little time you are one with everything in the universe. I’ve had different experiences every time I’ve stood there, but this time we were reassembled filled with light, as if we were made of glass. We shone as we walked away. Going with Reiki people means they have done some of the preparatory work over the previous months and years and are ready for anything. This experience felt like all the rubbish between the atoms was cleaned away. I felt that I could leave behind anything that I didn’t need and it would stay there unless I turned back and picked it up again.  I also felt that we had just painlessly jumped forward a few steps into 2013 and the New Earth.

Trips to Avebury are always different and always a healing experience. Before we went I knew I wanted others to understand how they could be healed there and to enjoy the day outside, so they could come back and use the stones themselves. I came away just wanting to go back again, and I think the 12.12.12 day would be very interesting there because it’s not long to go now.

Look for my next flyer for 12.12.12.