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The New November Energy

The Sun

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The last day of the old year is considered by some to be October 31, when the year dies and Halloween takes place. This year the energy dropped rapidly on the 31st and by Nov. 1st new energy had arrived.

In the previous few weeks the Earth had resumed her form as a ball of fire like the Sun, but it was all held intact under a transparent membrane.  The fire rose from the inside to the outside in flows of intense energy. Earth is an energetic being who provides a calm surface on which you live. On Nov. 1st the surface membrane began to burn away, exposing you to all the energy that is native to the Earth. The membrane burned away in shreds. Many times we have written that in 2012 the changes to the Earth will not take place on one day in December. This November change removes the barriers between you and your planet, and you walk directly on a planet of light.

By allowing you to be fully exposed to this energy you will either do what you need to do to be aligned with the love and light of the universe, or you will not. The danger with putting your head in the sand and hoping everything will be alright, even if you make no changes in your life, is that you will have too many changes to cope with next year. You are being helped this year with the prevailing winds of change to put right all those things that don’t make you happy. Life is not about living in spite of being unhappy, life is supposed to be enjoyed. Where do you feel most the pressure to change? Begin there and make a start, and starting is not the same as completing all jobs in a moment. Those who never begin, never finish. It is a period time when there should be massive changes on Earth as you all position yourselves in the right places to be happy in your lives. This is only about you right now, and if you are happy, then everyone you love is happy.

We talk about letting go; can you let go of your homes, jobs, and family members? What does that feel like? You do not have to let go of everyone you love, but you should from now on, only be connected by strands of love. Ties of money and duty are Earthly and without universal energy.  This is about setting yourselves and others free, and coming back together because there is a love connection. If you try to continue your lives under any other circumstances there will not be energy to live on. If you feel you will be financially destitute but happy, then you do not have trust that you will always be looked after and have somewhere to live and enough to eat.

The pressure is on now, and the only way you are going to come out of it comfortably is to take the necessary steps. It is time for changing the way you live, and if you try to hang on to a situation that is not for your highest good you will feel squeezed to go in the right direction. To take the pressure off you just need to let go and flow forward. What could be better than living your life happily and for your highest good?