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Stonehenge Day on 25 January 2013


I’ve just put up a flyer on the calendar page:

I find these sites by looking at a map while listening to my guides say things like “Further south, or Over there”, and they arrange their side of the day once I’ve committed and put up a flyer. So if you would like to come to an Earth energy day at Stonehenge you are more than welcome.

Please contact me on the “contacts” page. I’m reproducing the flyer below:

Friday 25 January 2013

The energy underneath Stonehenge led to its being built in Wiltshire. The Great Stone Circle is fenced off, but the entire area is “thin-skinned” with easy access to the Earth energy. The Earth has entered her new galactic cycle and a visit to this area will expose you to her new energy. This will be a day to be outside at a few of the tumuli that are easy to reach by foot from the main Stonehenge car park. By visiting in January we hope to be present in the fresh new energy and speed our personal adjustments to what is basically a new planet. We will become acquainted with her energy and adjust to it at a location with minimal obstacles in the way.

The day is planned to start at 11 a.m. at the Stonehenge car park (National Heritage/National Trust).  If you are planning on coming from Reigate or Surrey I would like to organise ride sharing only if you can make it to my house by 9 a.m. We can meet at the tea shop (outdoors) located at the entrance to the Stonehenge site. If you want to go into Stonehenge you can after we’ve finished at the tumuli, but it’s not part of the day. January could be muddy and wellies are recommended. I hope this will be a quiet but enjoyable day at a busy tourist site.


Please contact Candace Caddick

Reiki Master, Author and Clairaudient Channel


Leave Reigate, Surrey at 9 a.m.

Cost £20, food not included

Three-Dimensional People

Ungrounded people

By the Archangel of Light

The old Earth is gone now and everyone is living on the New Earth together, but there is one big difference. Last April about 47% of the planet’s population chose light and to go forward; they began a journey towards living on the New Earth. It’s been quite a ride so far, and is going to accelerate more and more quickly over the next three years or so.  The “or so” is added because this is a big period of adjustment from the old to the new, and it will happen at different speeds in different lives. The ability to move forward and create a new future for yourself will depend on exactly where you are starting from right now. Some of you may make decisions that speed you up, or slow you down. You may live in a part of the world that will have more turmoil and it takes longer to recreate the society in a model where everyone is happy. People create their own futures and may go off at a tangent and be slower or quicker.

(By Candace) My guides kept telling me that I had to be sure to be anchored on the New Earth by taking the steps I needed to take in 2012. Now I can see that I appear to be wearing little lead boots along with many other people, and those 53% who did not choose to come into the future are not weighted down, and appear to be floating off in the light rising upwards from the Earth. Over time they will float away and be gone. They will continue to deny that anything has changed, and their actions will become increasing irrelevant. We appear to be living happy and constructive lives on the planet below, while there is a lot of hot air up above us – and then they are gone. These people are not grounded and the decisions they make will not be sensible for the New Earth. The decisions will be hard for them to support without energy behind them. Don’t do anything illegal, but work to change the laws so they support justice.

These are the 3-D people, the ones who live next to you who have no energy. You can see them, but you can’t feel their auras. When someone silently comes into a room and you turn to see who is there, you felt them enter. There’s nothing left to feel with these people, and the amount of energy they have to pursue their plans is zero.

How long will they be with us? If one of them was your child or spouse would you be in a hurry to see them go? Some people will realise what has happened and die a bit younger, others will live out a full life span. Most of the people on the New Earth right now are the youngest ones, children and young adults. There are those who are in their 90’s who joined the roller coaster to light, but as a percentage there are far fewer middle-aged and older people. One day all of these ungrounded people will have passed away and only those who chose light will be left on Earth. It will happen in the time it takes to happen, it appears very fast to angels but we expect it to occur in Earthly life spans. The main point is to make your own lives from this moment, and to let others posture and make short-term decrees.

Your future has begun.

Was it the end of the world? What happened?

I was watching my cat transfixed by all the activity outside, and asked her what she was looking at and she just said “new.” The next day she said it was “life day”. By 18.20 GMT on Thursday the 20th December the energy shifted from the old to the new and the old world was gone. The energy was coming through from the planet and rising straight up so that I felt as if my hair was lifting.  It was nice and fresh.

The 21st was the day to look and wonder and it was so still; I could see the continual rising of energy from the ground and the sparkles running through it. The conjunction with the Central Sun was finished and it had done what it needed to do, the Earth itself is emitting light. It’s like living on a grassy carpet laid on the surface of a small star. Welcome to the new incarnation of Earth.

Today December 22nd the stillness has given way to forward motion, energy that can be used to actively move on. Wait and see and observe, see how the changes affect you and the world. I would like to write more but Christmas jobs are waiting, and I will write when I can.

The Mayan Apocalypse 21.12.12 (12.21.12)

The Night Sky

By the Archangelic Collective

The Mayans were a race of people who lived where they could see the stars. They understood the movement of the Earth through the heavens by watching how the stars changed over long periods of time, and they were able to extrapolate what they observed into the past and future. Mayans could see that the Earth would hit the end of a cycle on 21 December 2012, the winter solstice, and the new cycle would begin from that date. There have been many, many 26,000 cycles in the past, one cycle would end and flow into the next one and life would go on for the planet.

You live with city lights and streetlights today and only have glimpses of the brightest stars. The Mayans lived with a complex carpet of stars, and the night sky was lit by starlight. They were very knowledgeable. Where you may know the names of twenty different types of trees, they were familiar with ten times as many stars and their movements.

So, what’s happening right now? The Earth has been soaking up energy since 12.12.12. She is in a transitional space where the energy she absorbs is going into her new structure. Looking outside the energy has been changing every day, and it looks more opaque as each day goes by. If you had a glass of water and added a teaspoon of milk to it every day it would become more and more milky and harder to see through. That is what has been taking place on Earth over the last week. It’s swirling and quite hard to see through today, and the energy is dense everywhere.

The Earth uses energy as we all do, for support for our bodies and activities. She using it to remake herself energetically and when her energy changes everything will change. The new planet will support a different set of activities from the old planet. Have you ever seen a dead animal? That animal is not going to get up and resume life as if nothing had happened. The old Earth will have passed away and the New Earth is the one walking forward for another 26,000 years. First the energy changes, then the physical changes; it trickles down into your dimensions.

The end of the world is truly the end of the world you have been living on. Earth does not die but she is remaking herself energetically in the same form so as not to upset everyone’s lives right now.  The New Earth has a different feel to it; she is incorporating a lot more steeliness in her personality in addition to the warmth of love.  There is more of a no-nonsense quality to her new self. This means that humanity can continue to take all the same actions and they will butt up against a stronger planet with a different energy. No more free rein to treat her in any way we please. There are members of the human race who have taken every scrap of value they could find from her and left a huge mess behind. The rest of us failed to stop them. Changing the energy underfoot will change everything. The energy will all rest with the New Earth, and the old Earth will no longer be here.

Some people did not choose to go into the future, and there will be a transition period of some years while they, hanging on to their lives on a vanished planet, slowly die out. Their businesses and plans are all for a planet that is gone, and the planet’s energy has changed. The New Earth is not going to support their activities. She will support kinder plans that suit her, and her new energy. Every 26,000 years there is a change, and all of you are going to live through this one. It could be exciting, it should be fun. You all pleaded your case to be here and live through this by choice. Enjoy yourselves.

A good plan for December 21st, 2012 would be to go outside, stay quiet and observe. Maybe you will see the first crisp day of the new Earth year. If you have ever done this on New Year’s Day you may have felt this energy before. It’s a day to have a look and wonder at what you are seeing, and a time to stop before Christmas. This means that the time to go forward will actually be over Christmas, which is when many people usually stop and take a break.

This is a week for being still and just being (I know, Christmas is coming and it’s hard to do this.) It’s not for things that take a lot of effort. There will be plenty of push and go-ahead energy from December 22nd onwards.

©Candace Caddick

12.12.12 Experiences Elsewhere

photo_lobos_coveHi Candace,

Got to the beach in Point Lobos, California and it was absolutely beautiful with amazing clouds and so clear and sunny.  A dolphin and her new baby showed up. Special day, yeah!

By Lisa Grayson

(Dolphins in water)