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Interview with Death

Hanson Roberts Tarot, Four of Swords

Archangel Azreal, Archangel of Death

Death is not the end, but you know this. Death does not solve problems or end them although there is a break in continuity. Life and death do not actually exist but have been created on Earth; they are the same thing and are not divided into two halves; living and dead. Earth dwellers believe in Death and have created a false version of Death that frightens them. They believe the false picture and are afraid of the real event which is a blessed gift to get you out of aged bodies into a new one, and to wind up the current experiences and allow you to start again. Death has been demonized so that people will fear it and be in pain longer. When your loved ones die they are not gone, but they have moved on to something new. It’s a bit like a television show ending and a new one beginning right after.  Sometimes rest can be peaceful after frantic activity.

The deaths of those on the old Earth will happen with little projected change from their original life spans. Their lives will be different, but their deaths will not alter.  Life and death are not to be divided, there is only life. Do not fear or worry about Death, it does not exist in the way you all believe it does.

With great love, Azreal

How are You Feeling?

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

One of the effects of the change in Earth energy is that you are adjusting to new energy rising up. You are walking and living on a planet of light, and light is rising through your feet and bodies. It strengthens and cleanses you, and there are viruses and bacteria that are being ejected.

When you have a cold it is a time for your body to find all the bacteria you have deposited in places where they will give you the least trouble, wrap them in mucus to keep you safe, and eject them out your nose. Mucus is made in the lining of your gut and travels to your head. Quite wonderful, really.  Your dirty handkerchiefs and tissues are full of a number of different germs. You do not go down with every passing cold unless your immune system is weak.

The light is making you stronger and the bacteria are moving out. One day you will feel quite a bit better, as it is only a month into the new 26,000 year cycle at the moment. If bacteria find it hard to hold their place in your body because of the light, then we want you to realise that those who look for dark corners to keep their actions secret will begin to have the same trouble. There’s more than one way to have a good clear out.

How Fast Can Change Happen?

Ishinomaki, Japan after the tsunami

Sometimes when I’m asleep I get a dream to explain a problem I’ve been thinking about during the day. If you ask for help or an explanation before falling asleep you can be relaxed enough to receive information you resist when you are awake.

This was a short dream about a meteor destroying London completely in an instant. I live twenty miles from London and everything we were used to was gone. No one could buy food, fuel for cars (which were now useless,) heat or water. We barely had homes still standing. And then we all adapted very quickly and life went on. It could have been another type of natural disaster such as a major earthquake or tsunami.

My angelic guides showed me the speed of change in this scenario, and the speed of human adaption to new circumstances. We have a tendency to think we will have time to change, particularly in the case of global warming, or that we find change difficult. We try to have advance notice of hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes rumbling, and terrorist attacks. There was advance notice of Hurricane Katrina that devastated New Orleans.

We perceive change as too hard sometimes, it’s hard to stop eating junk food or use the car less; but we change faster and more easily than we think. Change is not always hard or something to fear.  We are pretty adaptable as a species, and we won’t always have much notice of change.

©Candace Caddick

Change is Beginning

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The Earth will go through many changes over the next three years or so. We cannot predict down to the day or month when things will happen because Earth time is your local time, and we live on universal time. It can be frustrating for people who want a clear answer on when but we deal more in time as “soon” or “a long time ago.”  We aren’t just saying this to be vague about dates.

Looking at the new Earth we can see the tectonic plates shifting, continents rising and falling under the sea and earth quakes. This has always been the way on Earth, but this time is looks faster to us. Continents drifting and submerging took hundreds of millions of years in the past, and we do not see a full remake of the Earth within 26,000 years. What we do see is the beginning of the remake, so that perhaps half of the planet will be remade before the next cycle. That is tremendously fast, and you have a lot of people living here now. This is your wild ride on the back of a tiger, and you will adapt to it.

The upheavals will not stop at plate tectonics. The energy bubbles up out of the planet, new energy for new societies and social change. So if you want guidance on what the next three years will be like we offer you this: those people currently on top will fall down, and at the same time those at the bottom will rise up. That levels the playing fields and allows everyone to have an even chance at happy and successful lives. Storms will increase and some coastlines will be too battered to live on. Some rivers and streams will flood so houses and towns become barely liveable and the water of the Earth will go back to flowing unblocked. If your home is obstructs nature and prevents her from behaving as she needs to, then it could be time to move.

©Candace Caddick

How Does Channelling Work?

By Candace Caddick

Sometimes I read other people’s channelled articles, and they all sound different. Some sound more accurate to me than others, and this is important to remember about reading channelled information: if it doesn’t sound right to you then use your discernment whether to believe it or not.  For me there is a clear ring to the truth and a solid clunk to something when it is untrue. There may be gaps in information where a channel has missed the point the angels, spirit guides, the Earth, trees, crystals, animals, etc. are trying to bring through. You can find these yourself when reading, if they sound like they are going to say something very interesting and then don’t say it, they did not bring the information through. That is as far as the ability of that person to channel extends, and it is also the hardest part of channelling, to let go completely and bring all the information through, and recognising when something has been missed.

A word about channelling from the Archangelic Collective:

“Of course we don’t speak. We speak in vibrations of energy, as all sound is energy, and as it comes through a person’s consciousness it splits into different languages around the world. The choice of words used is up to the channel as they understand the energy.”

Some information, such as the names of the Archangels in Atlantis, is sometimes spoken about in English. These names are a rendition of the quality of their energy. They do not need names, but it helps us humans because we work in names as a form of short-hand to identify others; they are useful and not a bad thing.

©Candace Caddick