Change is Beginning

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The Earth will go through many changes over the next three years or so. We cannot predict down to the day or month when things will happen because Earth time is your local time, and we live on universal time. It can be frustrating for people who want a clear answer on when but we deal more in time as “soon” or “a long time ago.”  We aren’t just saying this to be vague about dates.

Looking at the new Earth we can see the tectonic plates shifting, continents rising and falling under the sea and earth quakes. This has always been the way on Earth, but this time is looks faster to us. Continents drifting and submerging took hundreds of millions of years in the past, and we do not see a full remake of the Earth within 26,000 years. What we do see is the beginning of the remake, so that perhaps half of the planet will be remade before the next cycle. That is tremendously fast, and you have a lot of people living here now. This is your wild ride on the back of a tiger, and you will adapt to it.

The upheavals will not stop at plate tectonics. The energy bubbles up out of the planet, new energy for new societies and social change. So if you want guidance on what the next three years will be like we offer you this: those people currently on top will fall down, and at the same time those at the bottom will rise up. That levels the playing fields and allows everyone to have an even chance at happy and successful lives. Storms will increase and some coastlines will be too battered to live on. Some rivers and streams will flood so houses and towns become barely liveable and the water of the Earth will go back to flowing unblocked. If your home is obstructs nature and prevents her from behaving as she needs to, then it could be time to move.

©Candace Caddick