How Does Channelling Work?

By Candace Caddick

Sometimes I read other people’s channelled articles, and they all sound different. Some sound more accurate to me than others, and this is important to remember about reading channelled information: if it doesn’t sound right to you then use your discernment whether to believe it or not.  For me there is a clear ring to the truth and a solid clunk to something when it is untrue. There may be gaps in information where a channel has missed the point the angels, spirit guides, the Earth, trees, crystals, animals, etc. are trying to bring through. You can find these yourself when reading, if they sound like they are going to say something very interesting and then don’t say it, they did not bring the information through. That is as far as the ability of that person to channel extends, and it is also the hardest part of channelling, to let go completely and bring all the information through, and recognising when something has been missed.

A word about channelling from the Archangelic Collective:

“Of course we don’t speak. We speak in vibrations of energy, as all sound is energy, and as it comes through a person’s consciousness it splits into different languages around the world. The choice of words used is up to the channel as they understand the energy.”

Some information, such as the names of the Archangels in Atlantis, is sometimes spoken about in English. These names are a rendition of the quality of their energy. They do not need names, but it helps us humans because we work in names as a form of short-hand to identify others; they are useful and not a bad thing.

©Candace Caddick