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Dead Monsters

There was a dead body of a pig-like creature washed up on the coast of South Wales in Tenby this week, following the one that appeared on the New York shoreline in August. To look at the picture of the beast was to tap into its overwhelming sadness when it was alive. This is how I work sometimes: I follow the energy of the emotion present. In this case the beast and its sadness together make a signature that identifies it, and makes it impossible to miss when coming across it again or looking for it. I looked for them and all of the beasts were in a dark underground area, living their lives in pens under artificial light. Moving among them and breeding them were creatures that took me a while to identify as men. These men do not have the light that is present in the human soul, and appear to be dark and without energy.  The carcasses of the animals have been dumped at sea and eaten by sea creatures but every now and then one washes up onshore, and a passer-by takes its picture with their phone.

If you connect with the creature’s soul, what you find is confusion and sadness. Everything alive has a soul, or it is dead. They look at their feet and wonder “where did these claws come from?” If you were a pig farmer would you want to raise pigs with claws, beaks and sharp teeth? I don’t think these are being bred for farmers.  I wrote a book that included the science experiments in Atlantis, The Downfall of Atlantis, and they began in much the same way by trying things just to see what would happen. Denying that animals have souls, splicing up genes in dishes “just to see” and causing such overwhelming sadness and confusion is not right. In the Atlantis book one of the greatest draw-backs to some scientific experiments was the callousness they created in the scientists prepared to interfere with another living being. Atlantis was a spectacular failure.

With the Earth emitting her own light now there will be more secrets exposed. One last question for US tax payers – you work hard for your money, are you happy seeing it spent in a government facility like this? Who else would breed these?

©Candace Caddick

Archangel Uriel and the Earth

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

I am the Archangel Uriel and my relationship to the Earth is very close – we are sisters from the same soul group. In the beginning of the timeless universe the planets were all formed of beings with separate consciousnesses. They are beings of light with their own souls, and very many of them are of one type of angelic order or another. The Earth is at heart an angel of light and my relationship to her is one of holding hands. It’s as if my hand reaches into her outer crust and my arm makes a bridge and connects her to myself. We travel together connected heart to heart, and soul to soul. You each are born with a guardian angel in close relationship to you, and I act as the Earth’s guardian angel.

For many years the Earth has been able to access the outer universe through a few breathing holes such as the Lake District in Cumbria, Uluru, and Table Mountain in South Africa.  She also had me and my role became crucial to keeping her alive with universal energy. I am grounded in her with my head above the hard shell containing her surface, and I funnelled energy into her. Sometimes she was limp under my hand, but I continued to support her. Humanity has been here a very long time, and the game of you reaching your own ascension has taken much longer than first envisaged. That meant she has stayed in a fixed position far longer than she ever did in the past. During this renewal of her galactic cycle she is stronger than before, shaking off the hard energy shell and exposing herself and life here to the universe and all that entails.

Shaking off an energy shell is a little like a dog shaking off water. The shaking is enough to crack and destroy the shell, and her energy is shaking more every day. If a being of light needs to shake and move to maintain her life and health that is a good thing for everyone on this planet. But remember that first the energy changes, then the physical. These are unsettling times where Earth changes from a position of stasis into a new position of comfort. Can you tap into that energy and move your own lives from stasis to comfort? It’s going to be very hard to continue exactly as you were on a planet of change.

Stonehenge Day on Friday March 22nd

In January I planned a day to visit the Tumuli near Stonehenge, and I postponed it because we were snowed out. The day is rescheduled for Friday March 22nd which I am sure will be a fine spring day! Come and spend the day outside in the Wiltshire countryside, and help to open up some ley line blockages close to Stonehenge. Please see the flyer at:

Serious Rewiring for Humanity

By the First Elohim

The cracks in the shell around the Earth allowed her to send up antennas to connect to the universe. With her feelers extended she began to be rewired and slot into place, drawing information and energy into all parts of her body. Previously she drew energy only through a few stone circles, but with the covering gone she is open once again and in contact. There are ley lines on the Earth, and ley lines channelling energy in the universe. As you have marked your lines with pine trees and stones, the universe marks it’s lines with planets and stars. It has been as if the Earth was absent until now, and she is not the only planet who was veiled energetically.

While the Earth is busy reconnecting, you are also busy rewiring as individuals, and this is why many of you light workers have been feeling tired of late. You also send out antennas, and some of you send out more than others. The healers among you who have been practising for years are ready and have been working hard in your sleep constructing these antennas. Other people may have sent up only one or two, because that is all the energy they can handle.  By sending up your own antennas you are plugging in to the ley lines of the universe on your own behalf. You are availing yourselves of the energy and knowledge that exists out there.

Everyone is changed by either the Earth changing, or by accelerating the rate of change for themselves. With all the connectors being opened up again the Earth is humming with energy. All antennas are built by the Earth and yourselves with the help of angels.  It’s the right time for this to be happening now on Earth. Some people are doing everything in their power to participate and connect themselves, and others are declining. Those who did not choose to come to the new Earth can see this happening on one level, but they are not participating. If you are growing hundreds of new antennas you need as much sleep as you can get up until the middle of March.

Dissolving Time Part Two

By the First Elohim

Controlling time is through using your intentions and your ability to create. Time is flexible, and it is one more item in your everyday life you can influence. Because Earth time only exists here you only need to remember there is more than one way of telling time. If you look at time as timeless that is also true, and by believing that you can tap into timelessness as well as the rigid tick-tick-tick of your Earth time you have a spectrum that runs from timeless to everyday. You can be anywhere you like on that spectrum as both exist at once even though they sound like opposites. Pick the way you want time to pass and allow it to be flexible, it will be easier and easier the more you practice.

In the past this would have been very difficult for you, but as the Earth opens up this spring to the universe you will be exposed to timelessness. Some people will scoff and do nothing with this information. The rest of you have the opportunity to play around with time, stretching and shrinking it with the goal of having time pass in the way that is exactly right for you at that moment. Life is not meant to be hard, but a series of happy events. If you can shorten long waits, or speed up slow journeys you will begin to have a feel for serendipity. Life is meant to teach you about yourself, and the way you fit with everything else. Time is one small example of the way you can happily link into every aspect of your life. At the moment you refer to some people as “lucky”, but we can see they accept life as being happy.

We see rigid timekeeping as stressful and unnecessary in many ways. If you could help yourselves with time you could relax and become happier. You put time and timekeeping as the master instead of just part of your life. There is far too much emphasis on something that is an illusion, and that controls you instead of you controlling it. You don’t have to disregard train timetables, but your journey to the station can be altered.

Think of the Elohim, and ask us for help. You can try asking for time to stretch when you are late and trust us to help you. See what happens and keep practicing time shifting. We can alter Earth time for you because we exist here on Earth and out in the Universe at the same time. We are a collective and our relationship to each other is very close, we are separate and one at the same time. Playing with time is not impossible; you are just not used to doing it. Trust us; this is one of the big changes that can work well for you. Time is artificial, timelessness is real. Meditating on time/timelessness would be helpful.