What are Shifts in Energy?

First Elohim

You are going through shift after shift in energy as you ride the Earth around your sun and your galaxy.  Because these begin in the higher dimensions you will not be aware of them until they reach you in the physical world. From our point of view that is almost instantaneous. From your point of view and taking into account the slowness of Earth-time, there is a delay. Delaying something doesn’t stop it from happening. Since April 2012 events have been accelerating.

When we say a shift in energy we mean that the vibration of energy arriving on the Earth is rising. If you could hear it, and some can, it sounds like a single high-pitched note in the background of life. When we say the energy is raising the note steps up a half-tone. The next shift is another half-tone higher. Since last April the energy arriving here has raised considerably, and quite quickly. It will continue to rise in half-steps for the foreseeable future until the planet shakes enough to change herself.

Earth receives this bombardment of energy and as it hits she quivers faster and faster. Think of a glass shattering when a soprano holds a high note. Your planet needs to change and the rest of the universe is helping her. We help her because we love her. For all of you living here, go outside and expose yourself to the new energy and be with her, and then the Earth can help you adjust. If you practise Reiki or another healing modality, do your self-treatments and raise your energy that way. This is a time when you could be susceptible to tiredness, headaches, etc. and aligning with the Earth’s energy will help you.

We don’t want anyone to worry about the Earth shattering under your feet like a brittle glass. That could happen at the end of the universe, but that’s still a long way off. She is changing, and you elected to live through the changes because there is nothing more exciting or more fun than a planet in transition.