Aerial view of Woodhenge

Last week I led a visit to Stonehenge and we stopped at Woodhenge afterwards. Today at Woodhenge you will find concentric concrete rings where wooden posts once stood.

I like to go to Woodhenge because it is the one place where I can hear the stars sing. Walking past the first concrete posts the universe is around me in all its beauty, the stars are singing and I am back to being me. I am a happy soul, weightless with only my consciousness present. I asked the stars what they were singing today and they laughed and threw stardust over me. Looking down I could see the Earth, very far away and as small as a marble. But as one of the others present said, when there is so much to look at in the universe, one can’t spend all the time looking at a far-off marble. Another felt it was a place full of ancestral voices. Walking out of the circle I could feel myself coming back into my body and walking on the green grass again.

I think the early builders marked this area with wooden posts so they could visit to reconnect with the outer universe. This must surely be a higher-dimensional portal because one minute you are on the grass, and the next you are out in the universe.  There are many unknown features on this planet, and just as we have eyes and ears the planet has organs. We just don’t know what and where they all are.