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There are waves of energy that arrive from outside, and there are waves of energy that bubble up from inside the Earth. What is happening now is coming from inside the Earth itself.  Today I was out in the Surrey Hills and looked to see what the Earth is up to at the moment, and first I just heard the rumbling of activity underground. She used to be silent, but there is a lot of activity right now and I hear it as similar to a mechanical engine running, and it’s caused by the movement of energy.  On the surface there is a shifting of energy pieces, a rapid movement of energy across the surface of the Earth. If you had a puzzle and were quickly pulling out pieces and laying them down in new places, forming a new picture, that’s what it looks like right now.

To me it means that what we are used to is changing – first the energy changes and then the physical follows afterwards. The Earth feels like she is reorganising her separate pieces and assembling them in a new pattern. We are living on top of a planet that is changing rapidly from a hard, crusted ball to something much more fluid. It will make it harder for everything to hold on.

©Candace Caddick

Almost There

I’ve been busy finishing off a fourth book, “Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World”, and it hasn’t left me much time for writing articles for my website. The publication date is 16 May, and the book is about where the current changes are taking us, and preparing us for them to make it easier to flow through them.

I wrote that spring would arrive in mid-April, and it did in the UK! Reading the weather in advance is just looking for changes in the energy, then identifying how the change manifests as heat, snow, rain, etc. Try it when you’re planning something outside, you can go quite a few months ahead.

By the Archangel of Light

You find yourself now at the end of a long series of changes in energy over the past few years. You have been prepared by the subtle and almost continual waves of ever-higher vibrations that washed over the Earth. If these waves had not lifted you a little higher each time you could not have coped with what is coming. At the end of April a wave will arrive that will lift many of you onto your real path, and this is what you were born for – the beginning of the golden years for humanity. It’s starting slowly now, and will arrive before the end of April. (We wrote about this wave in the “Guidebook” mentioned above.) Make sure to get enough rest during this period of adjustment.

A wave of light vibrates at quite a high level, and some people will find they are not ready for it and try to keep living as they always did and ignore it; but they won’t be able live unchanged. Perhaps you were unaware, but you have also been exposed to waves of darkness. There will be no more of those low-vibrational waves on Earth.

These waves of light affect you in a similar way to turning up the heat under a pan of water. First it gently simmers and then works itself up to a rolling boil. By now many of you are used to the heat and will ride the bubbles ever higher. We call it being cooked by Spirit, you change from what you were into a new, improved version of yourself. You subjected yourself to this energy, learning to live with it and now you will live on a planet that matches this energy. All people will be exposed to the same energy at the same time. This is why we recommend over and over that if you are a healer you need to practice your healing modality. It helps you adjust to the energy.

This will be a huge change for humanity, where some of you float off into new lives where everything is possible, and others become frustrated at their lack of effectiveness. Use your imagination, your intentions, and your creativity to expand your horizons. This is forceful new energy you can ride like a surfer, and go easily into your future. Where do you want this wave to take you, where do you want to be at the end of 2013 and later? Think about your goals and dreams to give yourself direction and let the wave carry you there.

©Candace Caddick

An Energetic Tidal Wave

In a previous blog ( I mentioned a very large wave of energy for the end of April.  We have had a number of these in the last couple of years bringing about change on our planet. Some of them have been focused on Earth, and some of them on humanity. This one is going to be for us.

About five years ago I could see a split in humanity where some of us walked gently on an upward slope and others were below on a path that became increasingly empty. In time it grassed over and everyone who remained walked on the higher pathway. Last April there was a similar wave and people chose either to go ahead on the new Earth, or stay on the old with their old lives. When the old Earth ended these people remained without a planet under their feet. About 46% of the world’s population chose to go forward, with a heavy emphasis on the young. These are the people who will walk forward on the high road. It’s been a bit weird for me, because I can see the physical forms of those who did not choose to live on the new Earth and they have no energy bodies. The other people have energy bodies just as they always did. Those with just physical bodies have an effect only if you give them your energy to use. All the babies born since the 20th of December are fully present on Earth.   

This wave at the end of April is where some of us begin the upward path, and others never notice the energy wave at all and continue to walk straight ahead. What does taking the upward path look like? It’s like standing at the bottom of a wall that is a mile high with wings or a sail attached to your body and the wave lifts you all the way to the top. You go as high as you are ready to go, and it will help if you can tie up loose ends beforehand so you don’t have to keep looking back. Once you have started on the higher path it will be easier for you in every way.


The First Elohim

In recent years there have been great changes for you, but they have not yet finished. This will be the beginning of the end for a few, and there will be others who blossom in their lives. The Earth has lain quietly under the cold of an extended winter and soon she will emerge as the butterfly from a chrysalis. She will begin to fly and you will ride on her back. We realise that you can’t imagine how this will be until she takes off. Anchor yourselves into your love for her and your families and friends, and into solid reality.  Earth will be entering her own phase of fluidity, and that will help you be more flexible. Energy is not stagnant, and you and the Earth will benefit from raising yours by flowing with change.

This is not a time to worry but to be excited and joyful. Life is for living and you will be fully alive and learning about love, life and being human. Those of you who take the high road will have no regrets.

©Candace Caddick