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Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

I’ve been writing a book for the last six months (title above), a channelled book by the Archangelic Collective about the changes in society we can expect now. The largest changes are taking place over the next five years, then as they continue up until 2040 we will be more accustomed to letting go and taking change in our stride.

Why would we want anything to change? If you take a look around you at the world we live in there is room for greater fairness and happiness for all. Change can be as easy or as hard as a person makes it, and this book is exactly what it says: a guidebook. Remember that the process of change can feel difficult, but afterwards what was new becomes the norm. Getting people to a place of happiness is the point of the Guidebook. I could have said this book is about finding personal happiness for each of us.

Once again, channelling has been a pleasure, and something I feel privileged to be able to do.  I’ve made a webpage for this book where there is more information and a table of contents ( ) and you can buy my book on its page or from online retailers.

©Candace Caddick

Effortless Ascension

By the First Elohim

Outside the walls of this universe there are five of balls of light that consist of angels who exist in a collective form. The Elohim are one of the collectives, as are the Cherubim, Seraphim, Principalities and Mentalities. There are many Elohim incarnate in human bodies on Earth at this time to help us. You can tell by the colour of their souls (blue) that set them apart from humanity and the other angels incarnate here at this time.

 In late April a significant wave of energy blossomed up and out of the Earth itself. The effect it had on many of you has been to lift you higher and higher. Those of you that chose living on the new Earth have energy bodies (see:, and the others have no discernable energy bodies whatsoever. Those people continue to live on a planet that no longer exists. The wave that rises out of the Earth reaches your energy body and lifts it like a leaf floating on a stream. When it reaches those with no energy it moves through their bodies as if nothing is there. Those of you floating like leaves are lifted without any effort on your part at all.

You have left behind your old positions on a vanished planet, and are on your way to a new life on an energetically new planet. This is why you are entering into times of great changes, where many of you will be building your lives in a very determined way, and others will be milling about ineffectively. The initial changes will be those involving people and the society you have built together, not the planet. Whatever you have created as your surroundings is subject to change. You may have noticed that more and more agreements made in the dark are being exposed to public scrutiny.  This is the beginning of change in society. The old society lies at the bottom of a wave of energy and has no upward movement. Your society and cultural rules will lie on the floor and decay quite rapidly.

What are your personal goals, and where do you want to be in three, six, twelve months, or five years? This is the time when you have all the energy you need to develop your own pathways. The wave supplies the energy, and when it ends soon you will stop rising vertically and start walking forward on a planet made of that same energy. You have begun the process of human ascension, and it was so easy that many of you never even noticed.

Be happy.

©Candace Caddick

Bluebell Woods

By The Green Man

Greetings! I am one of the elementals known as a Green Man. We are woodland beings, and this is our favourite time of year when the trees come into leaf and the bluebells spring up in the sunshine. We value the quiet and restfulness of the winter months, but the life force of spring and its rapid growth is electrifying for us to experience. The richness of summer follows where every leaf is in its prime and fully grown, then the beauty and colours of autumn when the fruit and nuts have completed their slow growth.

This week the bluebells are reaching their peak of beauty in England. They have been spreading rapidly in the last few years as people are beginning to protect their habitat. As elementals we wait for them to burst out of the ground in spring and submerge ourselves in the scent and blueness, and many of us travel long distances to do so. Why?

Bluebells bring to you something no domestic flower ever will, they draw you away from your homes to the woodlands to marvel at their beauty. In many places the ground is densely blue as far as the eye can see. There are very few places where you can experience any flower with such intensity. All flowers vibrate, and bluebells have the effect of cleansing you and lifting your consciousness ever higher. They are increasing in numbers to coincide with the need for humanity to rise up to keep pace with the planet’s vibration. Even if you never visit the bluebells woods they change the entire planet once a year when they flower. Nothing takes place in isolation.

Elementals visit the bluebells woods as tourists for the sheer beauty of the spectacle, just as you may enjoy a visit to an art gallery or a ballet. They balance us, and after a colourless winter we enjoy first the yellow of the daffodils and then the blueness of the bluebells. Afterwards there are more and more colours everywhere for us to absorb before we are saturated with their vibrations. We know this is happening to us, but it is also the same for you. Sometimes you will only need one afternoon to absorb all you need from any type of flower.

Early this winter we planted special bluebells, held back until the Earth had renewed itself. These are flowering right now, and they will help you adjust to the changes in the planet. Bluebells trumpet the beginning of new life on the planet through their tiny flowers shaped like horns. By absorbing their wildness outside in the woods you leave behind some of your winter staleness. (see:,, )  Bluebells help you with their sweet wild natures, their colour and the purity of their setting. The woods have been cleansed of winter.

I love bluebells.

©Candace Caddick

The Magic of Tintagel

Looking out to sea from the castle ruins at Tintagel.

Looking out to sea from the castle ruins on Tintagel.

I visited Tintagel in Cornwall last week, where folklore places King Arthur’s birth. I don’t believe he was born there, but it is one of the places where the energetic skin of the Earth is thinner and she is more accessible to us.

One of the first things I noticed was that Tintagel is the closest point of land to where the real action was taking place: out to sea. Similar to the sea at Land’s End in Cornwall there is a vortex of energy off-shore. The energy rises from the water with the colours and appearance of an aurora borealis, and the island and a small area around is encapsulated under a blister of Earth energy. Sitting on the rocks you are under the Earth’s energy skin and resting against her without barriers. You become connected with timeless space and the limitless potential for action of the larger being that is Earth. Magic is the limitless possibility of making something happen that seems otherwise impossible. Walking on the hilltop you brush shoulders with everyone who has ever walked there from the Romans and dark ages onwards, they are there still as there is no past or future.   

The next day in a forest I came on the same type of experience as Tintagel, where we were under the skin of the planet. The Earth energy is now rising up the trunks of the trees and to walk among them is also below the surface of her energy skin. This connection to the Earth and her limitless possibilities is how the future will be. It’s already begun.

©Candace Caddick

After the Change in Energy

By the Archangel of Light

The energy changes taking place at the moment are gentle, and were part of your long term post-Atlantean plan. Atlantis was the first plan to take the human soul towards ascension, and when that failed you could either give up or find another way. Think of your greater common soul above the Earth in timeless space; it can see ahead and choose the most likely path for success. In this case you could see the flaws in your original Atlantean plan and how best to try to overcome them. Also, existing in timeless space surrounded by the stars and planets you knew the way to work with all the various bodies in the universe, and how they could support your actions. Then you began a great gamble: could you live in complete ignorance of your true selves and manage to survive until the new galactic cycle beginning in December, 2012?

You came close to wiping yourselves out at times, but always managed to pull back from the brink. Your most serious efforts at self-destruction occurred recently as the Earth’s ecosystems diminished. You may think that industrial pollution will harm you, but it is the lack of plant and animal species that will hurt you most deeply. 2012 was the final year of waiting until the conditions were right again for you to head off in a straight line towards your soul’s ascension.

Last weekend the energy changed once again as a large leap towards a faster vibration, and some of you coasted ahead towards closer alignment to the planet and the universe. You are the people who are ready and have the energy for more life. Do not think badly of those who are tired or unaware of the swirls and flows of energy. All humanity plays a role of some kind and together you make up a whole. But from now on there is one path and one direction and those of you who are travelling are serious about working together as one.  That means developing greater intuition and telepathy over the years and remembering that you are all one soul. This is the beginning of the next stage and you had to wait this long to have a second try at ascension. Nothing is guaranteed but it should be easier for you now. It will take a few years for all of you to come together, and then you will move ahead toward your goal.

©Candace Caddick