Effortless Ascension

By the First Elohim

Outside the walls of this universe there are five of balls of light that consist of angels who exist in a collective form. The Elohim are one of the collectives, as are the Cherubim, Seraphim, Principalities and Mentalities. There are many Elohim incarnate in human bodies on Earth at this time to help us. You can tell by the colour of their souls (blue) that set them apart from humanity and the other angels incarnate here at this time.

 In late April a significant wave of energy blossomed up and out of the Earth itself. The effect it had on many of you has been to lift you higher and higher. Those of you that chose living on the new Earth have energy bodies (see: www.candacecaddick.com/2013/04/an-energetic-tidal-wave/), and the others have no discernable energy bodies whatsoever. Those people continue to live on a planet that no longer exists. The wave that rises out of the Earth reaches your energy body and lifts it like a leaf floating on a stream. When it reaches those with no energy it moves through their bodies as if nothing is there. Those of you floating like leaves are lifted without any effort on your part at all.

You have left behind your old positions on a vanished planet, and are on your way to a new life on an energetically new planet. This is why you are entering into times of great changes, where many of you will be building your lives in a very determined way, and others will be milling about ineffectively. The initial changes will be those involving people and the society you have built together, not the planet. Whatever you have created as your surroundings is subject to change. You may have noticed that more and more agreements made in the dark are being exposed to public scrutiny.  This is the beginning of change in society. The old society lies at the bottom of a wave of energy and has no upward movement. Your society and cultural rules will lie on the floor and decay quite rapidly.

What are your personal goals, and where do you want to be in three, six, twelve months, or five years? This is the time when you have all the energy you need to develop your own pathways. The wave supplies the energy, and when it ends soon you will stop rising vertically and start walking forward on a planet made of that same energy. You have begun the process of human ascension, and it was so easy that many of you never even noticed.

Be happy.

©Candace Caddick