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Living with Your Higher Self

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I am the Archangel Melchizadek, and I have something to say first about planets regenerating themselves. First take a planet (a member of the family of planets); it chooses to incarnate as a physical being, one you can see and touch. Does this mean that it somehow only exists as something you can see and touch, or is the planet that originally had the idea of incarnating still exist? From my point of view the central core existence of your planet is energetic and the physical manifestation is secondary. A planet’s soul is eternal, and the different shapes it takes are to facilitate learning for itself and for other soul groups.

Your moon looks like a rock circling in space, and you do not see the exquisite beauty of the being holding that rocky form. But you can feel her every month as she waxes and wanes. She tugs at your heart and brings truth and emotions closer to your surfaces. Do you think a rock could do this? It is a quality of the soul who took that rocky form that helps the residents of Earth with their emotional truths. Some of you have seen this beautiful being already, and all of you have the ability to see her if you choose to.

A human body houses a soul, and when the soul leaves the body the body is dead and does not reanimate (exceptions to this are very few and happen immediately following a death. The “light at the end of the tunnel” observations arise from these exceptions.) When a body dies what happens to the soul? It does not die never to return. It dies and comes back one day as someone else ready to begin a new life as a baby. The person you knew is dead, and one day your physical body will be dead, but it is not the end for you. “The greater human soul” is very large and wise, and you each contribute to its knowledge and wisdom. Your soul, your higher self, is present with you at all times attached to your physical body, but so large that it can’t fit inside a tiny human body. You will never get all of your higher self inside your physical body, think of just your little finger filling a walking and moving body. I am telling you all this again now to reassure you in a time of change your full self is enormous and wise and part of you. It is not your brain; it is connected to your heart. There is a voice you can hear when you listen and turn off the chatter of your brain, and that is the voice of your complete and higher self.

Some of you are barely grounded and your higher self looks like a balloon on a string, where the thin string is the only thing attaching your soul to your bodies. Meditation will increase the attachment and draw you back down into your hearts. When you have mediated and cleared your mind your relationship to your attached soul will be balanced, your wisdom will be more accessible and you will see everything more clearly. When you are seeing clearly you can choose your direction with greater ease and confidence. Nothing is more important than being present in your bodies at this time of change.

©Candace Caddick

Follow-up on the Crystal under Chicago

By the Crystal Consciousness

In July last year I wrote about the giant crystal under Chicago and its continent-wide role helping the planet and humanity. . I’ve received a question asking for an update.

Your questioner is correct that the crystal withdrew during the first half of 2013, and the change she has noticed in the people of Chicago is connected to the absence of light provided by the crystal.  A long time ago Jesus said “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light.” These are all aspects of love, and darkness does not directly feed into love. Darkness will result in love in the end of course, but through a pathway of pain. Light is a blissful expression of love.

Before the renewal of the Earth in December 2012 crystals deep in the Earth were in crystalline forms. You never met us this deep under the surface where we were as large as skyscrapers. But now, we have altered our way of being deep in the Earth. Your friendly surface crystals are holding shape for the moment, but we have released our physical form and are spreading electron by electron through the dirt of the Earth. We say electrons because we are energy again right now. This does not mean we will never change again, but this is an easy way for us to travel and relocate. We are on the move.

The crystal under Chicago held the North American continent intact under a bubble of energy. This stability allowed humanity to build the nation and society of their choosing without interference in the form of volcanoes or earthquakes. Times change, and static conditions no longer serve the greater human soul of light. Instead of holding firmly in one position we and the Earth are relaxing our grip and allowing a little wriggling to happen. The crystal under Chicago is the first of the major crystals to withdraw. Other crystals you may find under cities are serving another purpose, usually connected to providing light in a specific area.

Crystals are benign and powerful, and we are here to help you. If we withdraw it is to continue helping you in another way. We see a period of absence for the largest crystals that could last enough years to allow some serious continental changes, and when the changes are complete it may be beneficial for us to stabilize the Earth again as we did in the past. In our opinion stability does not provide as many opportunities for growth as change. This type of change and activity will take place over many years.

©Candace Caddick

Elementals at Work on Earth

By an elemental “from the other end of the spectrum.”

There are elementals (dryads, centaurs, dragons, etc.) that are beings of light, permanently attached to the planet Earth and who have the role of caring for her. They could almost be called “gardeners” except it is a little insulting to use such a small name for this big job. They balance and enhance her life force, alter energy flows to promote her overall health, and work actively with all the life forms present, except ours. They know we can’t usually see them and go about their business without paying much attention to us. (I wrote about them in the book The Downfall of Atlantis).

Then there are their polar opposites, the elementals who destroy and tear down the work of the light elementals. Elementals are a set of beings who range from the very light green to quite dark green, transversing a spectrum where each individual has a slightly different role from the next one. We can talk about fairies and gnomes and all the good they do, but we also know about the mischievous pixies and house elves. They are all elementals, one set of beings with different roles and purposes. They see each other and pass by, each busy with their own job. There are far more shapes, sizes and roles of elementals than we have any idea of.

Elementals have been present on Earth since her very beginning in the depths of time. We have the role of destruction as well as building, and perhaps you wonder why this should be. You carry within your bodies something similar in the form of osteoclasts and osteoblasts. The first removes worn out bone tissue that has become fragile, and the second builds brand new bone in its place. When you age the process of rebuilding slows down and people can have fractured bones.

Our job is similar but we are the ones who topple the ancient trees in a wind storm (among other things.) We ride the air and whip it up and point it at a tree, and down it comes. We work with our opposites, not opposed to them. We enjoy our work scouring the rocks with wind and rain, cracking mountains and flooding coastlines. We want you to understand that our half of the activity is just as important as the gentle growing of beautiful flowers and trees. We are also an example of two halves working together in harmony to achieve one end, just like the osteoclasts and osteoblasts.

Our work of destruction is entering a period of activity where there are changes to be made to the physical surface of the planet. We accomplish this by understanding the blueprint for change, and working with the energetic and physical to bring the blueprint into being. The designer of the blueprint is the Earth herself and we are like little fingers helping her make the changes.  What this means for you is that a) you are not solely responsible for every catastrophe that takes place, b) you are not alone but working in conjunction with all the elementals, and c) you are in for a period of physical change. This could be higher sea levels, earthquakes, volcanoes, tornados and floods. This is how we serve our purpose and it is time for us to act.

When I finish typing one of these blogs I always ask if there are any changes to be made, anything to alter, to add or to remove. When they say they’ve finished they always want me to post it straight up and share it with people. I had never heard from these elementals before, and had to look and see how they were organised in order to write accurately about them.

©Candace Caddick

When Change Enters Your Life

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

By the Archangel Melchizadek

The previous blog was written to alert you to how much change you can expect in the next few years. This is going to be remembered as a time when many useless and failed organisations came to an end, and cleared the space for something completely new to grow strong. You have sayings, such as “a new broom sweeps clean”, and you are now in a period of energy where everything is new. This energy is not particularly human; it is a change in the planet below your feet. You are perched on top of a planet that has already changed, but it is still taking care of your growth and development as a soul.

Change brings up a lot of emotions from fear to loss to excitement. You can bury your head in the sand and hope it passes you by, and that your life will stay exactly the same. But what if your life changed and you were happier? Change doesn’t have to result in worse circumstances for anyone, but change brings challenges right into your home. It could be easier for you if you accept that change is inevitable, and decide to flow with whatever is brought your way. That means recognising the snags in your life that keep you from flowing, and releasing them.

We wrote a book about change and had Candace type it up and get it published. Guidebook to the Future was written to help guide you through this period of change, to help you in making the decisions that are coming your way soon. Transition years can be very good, but there is always the risk that you won’t fully participate in your lives.  What do you want? It can be far easier to arrive where you want to be than you currently realise. It doesn’t have to be a hard road, but it must be thought about and chosen. The first step is thoughtful consideration and that begins the process of removing obstacles in your way. It may be the first time you see what’s holding you back from the life you want. Then you know that you need to act to remove, step around or jump over any blocks. Life is meant to be fun. Read the Guidebook, this is too brief a forum for angelic teaching.

©Candace Caddick

Wisdom of the Trees

All trees are wise, and there is one tree in every garden or woodland that is the master tree, the eldest with the most experience and wisdom. When tuning in to a tree for a conversation, you will first come in contact with the tree consciousness, the soul of all the trees living and dead. If you want to talk to the tree you are standing next to you have to narrow it down by asking to speak with that tree. At that point you may find yourself engaged with a unique personality as you would find in any human or animal.  Sometimes trees just say they are busy at the moment, and in that case I respect their wishes and move on.

Last year all the trees were mostly focussed outwards up into the universe, waiting for something they expected to happen. This year the waiting was over and they were back in their tree bodies and ready to talk. Just lately when reaching out to them I only hear laugher spilling over. The Earth has returned to them whole and healthy, young and strong as it was in the past and they are literally overjoyed.

Last week I made a trip to visit a particularly splendid large tree and asked what was happening now, from the trees perspective. This grand old tree said “It’s the end.” What! I thought we were just beginning again! But the tree patiently showed me that we are in a transition time, and if there were any roots heading off to a dead end they would be grubbed up so all the growth could be focused on the light, with flowers and fruitfulness in the future.  This has helped me to see again what it means to release my attachment to anything that is going nowhere. The transition period only looked to be of a few years duration. The first year from now to next June will be the slowest with the speed accelerating over the next couple of years. If you already know which changes you need to make in your life then put them into motion so you are ready for your lives to bear fruit.

©Candace Caddick