Wisdom of the Trees

All trees are wise, and there is one tree in every garden or woodland that is the master tree, the eldest with the most experience and wisdom. When tuning in to a tree for a conversation, you will first come in contact with the tree consciousness, the soul of all the trees living and dead. If you want to talk to the tree you are standing next to you have to narrow it down by asking to speak with that tree. At that point you may find yourself engaged with a unique personality as you would find in any human or animal.  Sometimes trees just say they are busy at the moment, and in that case I respect their wishes and move on.

Last year all the trees were mostly focussed outwards up into the universe, waiting for something they expected to happen. This year the waiting was over and they were back in their tree bodies and ready to talk. Just lately when reaching out to them I only hear laugher spilling over. The Earth has returned to them whole and healthy, young and strong as it was in the past and they are literally overjoyed.

Last week I made a trip to visit a particularly splendid large tree and asked what was happening now, from the trees perspective. This grand old tree said “It’s the end.” What! I thought we were just beginning again! But the tree patiently showed me that we are in a transition time, and if there were any roots heading off to a dead end they would be grubbed up so all the growth could be focused on the light, with flowers and fruitfulness in the future.  This has helped me to see again what it means to release my attachment to anything that is going nowhere. The transition period only looked to be of a few years duration. The first year from now to next June will be the slowest with the speed accelerating over the next couple of years. If you already know which changes you need to make in your life then put them into motion so you are ready for your lives to bear fruit.

©Candace Caddick