The Earth in Transition

I couldn’t quite find a picture where the trees themselves give off light.

My cat sits looking out of the window, watching with her head turning back and forth and looking at – what? The easiest way to find out is to sink in and look through her eyes (with her permission of course.) Then once you are in the animal kingdom you have all twelve dimensions in view. My own garden is a bustle of activity with elementals purposely moving back and forth, chipping away crud and cleaning the trees and bushes.

A few years ago when looking at the Earth I could see a planet where it looked like a forest fire had passed through, with standing stumps of dead trees. Today the healthy trees are beginning to look as if sparkling jewels have been applied with light shining through them. This job is not yet completed, hence the purposeful movements of the elementals. The Earth is really such a beautiful planet, and one day it will shine out again. Meanwhile the old crust is being chipped away, plants are polished and the light shines out from wherever it is clean. How much longer until the job is completed? It looks like sometime in the autumn of 2014. It’s far harder to hide secrets in the light, so keep an eye out for more of what’s been hidden to be uncovered.

©Candace Caddick