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Summer Visit to Avebury Stone Circle

By Candace Caddick

I’ve written a lot about Avebury and stone circles in my books. On August 29th I led a visit to Avebury Circle. The way I work is that I get a push from Spirit to go and visit, then I set a date and advertise it. At that point I am committed and my angelic guides set up their half of the day to meet us there. Before going I ask how they want the day to be run, and it comes through as clearly as “Leave the tea-shop, turn right and walk straight to the end of the Processional Way. Walk back and go to the energetic centre, stay there long enough. Eat lunch. In the afternoon do personal healing with the stones.”

I met some lovely women I hadn’t known before and we walked down to the end of the Way. There’s a feeling like maybe they won’t be able to work with the stones, or do anything except follow me around. Immediately one says “I feel drawn to that stone there, but where is it?” Avebury is full of stones that are missing in the lower dimensions, but they are present in the higher dimensions. We stroll over and that stone instructs us that we must walk mindfully down the Processional Way, and then we will be able to enter the stone circle through the right door. I thought “good, we are already working as a group.” Walking down the Way I could see a golden structure of light in the shape of a large satellite dish ready to catch incoming energy. In the centre of this there was a large shining pyramid with a glowing crystal on top. This pyramid was not the dimensions of the Egyptian pyramids, but twice as tall. I’ve often been told the correct pyramid dimensions were lost.

We walked through the right door into the circle to be in the higher dimensions, physically it did not look any different but we were in the right place.  We walked over to the centre, but in a different place than I’ve stood before, and we all became wired up to the universe. Out our feelers went, so many of them in so many directions, a little like we were in the centre of a spider’s web until we were fully connected to the outer universe. And then the energy came pouring through us and down into the Earth. We made a cone-shaped well to the very core and filled it with universal light, and suddenly we were finished.

Why would we do this? Universal energy surrounds this planet, but when we draw it through our physical bodies it alters to a universal/human hybrid. Anchoring it down into the Earth if has our signature on it, and the Earth knows that some people cared enough to come and anchor the energy. I feel the people who come on my days already can hear the voice of the universe urging them on to action. For those of us there that day we were changed, and carried away the light that had been coursing through us into our daily lives. People who come into contact with us pick up whispers and sparkles of light and take them away to be passed on to others, and so the world changes. Those of us there that day will no longer see things just with our eyes, as we now have a universal viewpoint, we’re here and we’re higher up at the same time.

After lunch we had our time with the stones, and everyone was able to locate the one they resonated with most closely and we all had completely different experiences. One member of the party after lunch pointed out that the Swindon Stone felt very distressed, which is the great stone that holds the circle together across a busy road. She’d already gained in confidence in a few hours! Some of us crossed the road and strengthened that quadrant of the circle by extending the strength through the nearby stones, so many were sharing the burden instead of just one. The cone of light we anchored in the morning had leaked sideways into the Earth itself.

The oldest stone invited me back for a series of interviews to write down all its memories of Avebury, but I’m not sure when I’ll get that done, but it would be fun to do. Avebury is the most amazing place and I always meet such nice people when I go there.

©Candace Caddick

Secrets and Lies

By the Archangel of Light

What have we seen this past week? There was a data meltdown in some of the world’s largest internet systems (Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft) through high demand, and the NSA payments to major internet companies in the USA were exposed when the US Freedom of Information Act acknowledged these large payments had been made over the previous three years (all routinely denied by the receiving companies). The UK government smashed up the hard drives of The Guardian newspaper to prevent Edward Snowden revealing more secrets and considering his actions that of a terrorist instead of a whistleblower, that paper has since teamed up with the New York Times so the data can be protected by the US First Amendment of the Right to a Free Press.

We wrote about the press in a book published in May 2011, when the Leveson committee was in full swing.  In And I Saw A New Earth we discussed the its role in unearthing secrets and bringing to light items governments wish to keep hidden. The Leveson committee in the UK could have re-established the press as an organ of trust, when compared to a current government. The press has taken on a role of public protection and openness in a time of secrecy. It’s important to have someone digging out secrets on the public’s behalf, and it’s important that the press itself is trusted. The Leveson committee exposed a network of complacency and scurrilous practice that some are now being jailed for.

How do you feel about being spied upon by your governments? It’s important how you feel about this, as they are doing it in your name. It’s also important what happens to all the personal information that is collected and stored for future use. Also, who do you trust to tell you the truth these days? Do you trust The Guardian? Or do you trust your own government? If you can’t trust your own government then it’s up to you what action you take.

I am the Archangel of Light and this week’s exposures are only the beginning. There are pockets of darkness on your planet that have led to people being ruled through fear and lies. People are not as bad as you are led to believe (remember those who are your friends). By shining light into these beliefs and practices you will stop being so afraid and controlled by others. You are in a year of transition, and as we have written in our books, this is exactly what you can expect to happen – and more.  The point of transition is to go from one state of being to another, as each secret is uncovered you get closer to the truth. The truth is that you work to provide money for others, and they remain prosperous because you buy from them and pay taxes. One possible transition would be to find a way to work for yourself, and spend your money locally.  Giant corporations wield more power in dark corners than you realise.  Enjoy the process of transition, it should be exciting.

©Candace Caddick

Egyptian History

Akhenaten, Pharaoh of the Sun

I was the Pharaoh of the Sun in ancient Egypt, and I strove to enlighten my fellow Egyptians to what I believed was the reality of life in this universe. I eventually died, came back and died again. The sun was not to be worshipped as God, anymore than any small part of the universe was to be worshipped. Worshipping the Sun was a little like honouring His finger nail, and God is so much more.

My time is in the distant past and seems irrelevant to the current deaths in Egypt. But that idea is artificial, and is a way people have of looking at time in a straight line that draws your attention forward in a series of linear events. Earth time has been exclusive and has kept you isolated for eons, but now that the Earth wishes to rejoin the Universe she has discarded linear time. You have not.

Take all the species of life on this planet and think about what you know of pets, for example. Do you think they live in linear time? Do you think they plan what they are doing tomorrow? Humans do that. Linear time has kept you safe and given structure to your lives. It has been dissolved and some of you are living in a wider and more connected world than you are used to. All of us who lived in Egypt still live there but have been divided by the dimension of time. That dimension is gone and remains in place only because you have not learned to let it go.

The current rebalancing in Egypt has come about, once again, from the people of Egypt. They are more than the few people walking there now that you see on TV. We are all there, and Egypt has been a crossroads, a breadbasket and a centre of learning for millennia. You have yet to discover how we built the pyramids, or why. All of us are there, and we are a particularly wise and experienced civilisation. We have already experienced many forms of government and lived through many successes and mistakes. We can see when we are being put upon and want change, and we are supported by out long history and many experiences. Of course Egyptians would be one of the first to fight for themselves.

©Candace Caddick