Secrets and Lies

By the Archangel of Light

What have we seen this past week? There was a data meltdown in some of the world’s largest internet systems (Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft) through high demand, and the NSA payments to major internet companies in the USA were exposed when the US Freedom of Information Act acknowledged these large payments had been made over the previous three years (all routinely denied by the receiving companies). The UK government smashed up the hard drives of The Guardian newspaper to prevent Edward Snowden revealing more secrets and considering his actions that of a terrorist instead of a whistleblower, that paper has since teamed up with the New York Times so the data can be protected by the US First Amendment of the Right to a Free Press.

We wrote about the press in a book published in May 2011, when the Leveson committee was in full swing.  In And I Saw A New Earth we discussed the its role in unearthing secrets and bringing to light items governments wish to keep hidden. The Leveson committee in the UK could have re-established the press as an organ of trust, when compared to a current government. The press has taken on a role of public protection and openness in a time of secrecy. It’s important to have someone digging out secrets on the public’s behalf, and it’s important that the press itself is trusted. The Leveson committee exposed a network of complacency and scurrilous practice that some are now being jailed for.

How do you feel about being spied upon by your governments? It’s important how you feel about this, as they are doing it in your name. It’s also important what happens to all the personal information that is collected and stored for future use. Also, who do you trust to tell you the truth these days? Do you trust The Guardian? Or do you trust your own government? If you can’t trust your own government then it’s up to you what action you take.

I am the Archangel of Light and this week’s exposures are only the beginning. There are pockets of darkness on your planet that have led to people being ruled through fear and lies. People are not as bad as you are led to believe (remember those who are your friends). By shining light into these beliefs and practices you will stop being so afraid and controlled by others. You are in a year of transition, and as we have written in our books, this is exactly what you can expect to happen – and more.  The point of transition is to go from one state of being to another, as each secret is uncovered you get closer to the truth. The truth is that you work to provide money for others, and they remain prosperous because you buy from them and pay taxes. One possible transition would be to find a way to work for yourself, and spend your money locally.  Giant corporations wield more power in dark corners than you realise.  Enjoy the process of transition, it should be exciting.

©Candace Caddick