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An Interview with the Horses of San Marco

By the horses themselves

Some people interview Hollywood stars or politicians, but I’d already heard these horses looked chatty before arriving in Venice. The horses used to pull a chariot and are more than 2000 years old. They resided in Rome, and sat outside in Constantinople. Captured by the Venetians they were mounted over the front door of the Basilica in San Marco over-looking the plaza, then removed by Napoleon to Paris and mounted on the Arc de Triomphe.  Returned to the Venetians they resumed their perch over the door until seven years ago when they were moved upstairs inside the church. When walking up to them I said hello and saw their energetic heads whip around to look at me; they don’t usually pay attention to the crowds as no one expects them to hear. They speak as one being in four bodies.

(I speak to beings that most people consider inanimate, but nothing is inanimate as everything has been created by God and carries a spark of Him inside. Tables usually say “I want to be outside.” And never make a snowman and then talk to it as it is heartbreaking. All those tiny drops of frozen water become something else when used to create something new. )

First, we were not created by the Romans; we were made by craftsmen in an autonomous city near Egypt and placed on a municipal building. The people were very proud of us as we shone in the light, and we came from them and were not created by a rich man for his palace. The Egyptians captured us and later we were taken to Rome itself by conquering armies. Our time in Egypt was spent gracing the entrance of an Alexandrian palace, and we were much admired for our true-to-life beauty. The world was young, we were young, the colours seemed brighter and our bronze coats shone in the sunlight. We are a little over 2000 years old. You may think that air does not change, or it is only because of pollution that the clarity disappears.  The air you breathe has energetic pollution, a darkening dirt of negativity that clouds your planet and makes it harder for you to live. It is hard for you to be happy when you are blind and as you turn to reach for the sun there is nothing but cold fog. This is what we have witnessed over the millennia, and the fog has grown colder and more difficult to see through. It draws away love and isolates you from each other, and as you wander lost some people begin to grab from others in their fear that they will never have enough.

You have lived through centuries of war, and war increases this feeling of un-love and your expectations for your lives has changed. Now when you hear of the murder of innocents in a far-away land you find it difficult to connect to your brothers and sisters who were killed. You don’t see them at all, and you feel no family connection. Those shot down in Nairobi are in reality as close as your own parents and children, but you don’t feel their loss personally.

We have seen the invasions of our city, Egypt, Rome, Constantinople, and Venice. We witnessed the running and fighting crowds each time as we are outdoor horses, and being beautiful we have always been cared for when captured. Not everything we have seen is death and destruction; there have been pageants and children playing. The energy of the pageant clears the air for a little while and it is a very positive event; a celebration of life and good things. Children playing are our favourite, for the pure joy they emit dissolves darkness. There is nothing the dark angels can do when faced with children playing.

We could say much about all we have witnessed in the past but your understanding of your present world is far more important for keeping all of you from peril. The danger has not yet passed and you will need to embrace love and turn away from the cold fog of separation. We say this in love for we have watched you so long that you feel like family to us.

©Candace Caddick

Venice, City of Flowing Water

By Candace and the Archangel Melchizadek

I just returned from visiting my daughter in Venice, Italy. By sinking my perception beneath the foundations of Venice I was aware of the flow in and out of water moving through the mud below. It is more difficult for anything bad to adhere to a city where the water washes through. Venice is a city of water built in an ancient lagoon.

The city of Florence, the birth place of the Renaissance, was completely different when I visited last year. The Renaissance began with new ideas and later spread to the arts and sciences. The city of Florence produced ideas of great love and light, until dark entities arrived to set up home below and put a damper on the light. (This is something that happens time after time.) When I was there walking on the ground felt like I was walking precariously over a deep pit, and the few trees were like dainty ladies trying not to let their roots go into the ground. This is similar to the way a country like Syria must feel today.  Anytime I walk over one of these areas I feel uncomfortable and my legs want to start running to get out of there.  I wrote about these areas in The Downfall of Atlantis.

Venice, however, has far more trees than Florence and this is important. As common as it is for some people to belittle trees and “tree-huggers” trees have a beneficial influence on people who live near them. We learn from them and they change our behaviour.

I have written in the past about people who choose to go forward on the new Earth, and those who declined when they had the opportunity. Some people chose to go forward and then stopped when the going became difficult. Originally around 45% of the total population chose to step onto the new Earth, in the end there was only about 29%. 100% would have been the best result, and everyone who is born from Dec. 2012 onwards is automatically on the new Earth. The day will come when all the people here will carry the new energy. When looking for the sparks of light of the people who chose the new Earth in Venice they are most frequent around the trees and fewest in the commercial centre.

©Candace Caddick

Syria – sitting above the heart of darkness

By the Archangel Michael, angel of the Earth and the fiery sword

Many of you look at Syria now and think “What is going on there?” It’s just the latest in a long list of armed conflicts in the Middle East reaching back thousands of years.  Let’s look at just the energy of that part of the world, and forget about who started which conflict in the past and present.

The Middle East is part of the planet holding a great deal of tension as the continents slowly slide apart. I know, it seems irrelevant but it is one of the underlying features of this region. The major continents of Africa and Asia have been pulling apart and the land bridge between is trying to connect them together, and remain a land bridge. The Earth is sentient, trees are sentient, and parts of the land are far more conscious than the average human who only sees three dimensions. It’s not a slur against you, I am trying to explain. Also, never think that one part of God’s creation is anything less than perfect, and that includes all of you. So, first the very land under their feet is tense and touchy, and that vibration rises up through the feet and contributes to the personality of every person who lives and walks there. Do you ever consider a village or country laid-back? That is greatly due to the land under their feet. (How does your home/city/country make you feel? Tune into the ground below your feet and take note.)

The second aspect to the volatility of the Middle East is what lies below that area. The Middle East is like a dark pit eaten into the Earth, and the holographic skin on the surface is where the people live. This is the largest area of its kind on the planet, a little like a bed-sore where layers of the skin are eaten away by rot. She needs healing in all of these areas, and particularly this largest one. When humans live above one of these areas they are trying to maintain their own light and not succumb to the vibrations rising from below. You will find that those who willingly live there are some of the strongest people on the planet in their personal light and strength.

Going back to your recent history there were two great beings born in the Middle East, Jesus and Mohammed. They brought their own love and light with them to counteract the darkness of the area. Weaker men have given in at times and turned to violence, but that is not the example of these two men. The endless wars are driven by the lack of light in the soil itself, and they create more darkness that spreads outwards.

To help this area as an individual send healing to the planet itself to strengthen it, and be slow to act in violence. Remember to treat others the way you would like to be treated yourselves. This changes the energy in a larger way than you can realise as it is the opposite of killing and war, it is an expression of love.

©Candace Caddick

Picking up Speed

The Green Man in autumn, by Walter Storey. Artist and potter at Alston Pottery

The Green Man of England

The Earth is coming to the end of a quiet breathing space, a golden summer of peace and pleasure in the countryside. The fruit and berries are ripening on the trees; some for you, and some for the birds, animals and insects. There is enough for all this year.

You are heading into the cooler months when people feel more inclined to start something new and work a little harder. It’s not an accident that schools and colleges begin again in the autumn. This year we of the elemental kingdom will be using the same impulse to speed up changes in the planet. You will feel this in your lives also (as you live on Earth), and you will begin to feel an urge to consolidate change in your lives so that you can move forward. Think of constructing a broad platform to stand on comfortably that allows you to reach higher and farther in your lives than you did in the past. You will not be looking back under the platform, but moving upwards.

In everything you do right now think of this platform you are building, and decide which actions to take on whether they help you move forward, or not? As we consolidate, you will consolidate in your lives. Taking one item at a time, get ready to put behind you the past and look forward to the future.

We of the elemental kingdom will be using the autumn in this way, and when the winter weather comes we will continue to work even harder. We will be preparing for next years’ glorious spring and working with the dream time of plant life.  You will be sheltering in your homes, but we do not feel the cold and we like to work without human interference. We are changing the health of the Earth on her surface and we are looking to help her express the beauty of her soul in her outward appearance. We value wildness and fertile fields, beaches and forests. This is where you will find us, and where you will find everything that is new and has changed. Go outside and see what we’ve been doing.

©Candace Caddick