Picking up Speed

The Green Man in autumn, by Walter Storey. Artist and potter at Alston Pottery

The Green Man of England

The Earth is coming to the end of a quiet breathing space, a golden summer of peace and pleasure in the countryside. The fruit and berries are ripening on the trees; some for you, and some for the birds, animals and insects. There is enough for all this year.

You are heading into the cooler months when people feel more inclined to start something new and work a little harder. It’s not an accident that schools and colleges begin again in the autumn. This year we of the elemental kingdom will be using the same impulse to speed up changes in the planet. You will feel this in your lives also (as you live on Earth), and you will begin to feel an urge to consolidate change in your lives so that you can move forward. Think of constructing a broad platform to stand on comfortably that allows you to reach higher and farther in your lives than you did in the past. You will not be looking back under the platform, but moving upwards.

In everything you do right now think of this platform you are building, and decide which actions to take on whether they help you move forward, or not? As we consolidate, you will consolidate in your lives. Taking one item at a time, get ready to put behind you the past and look forward to the future.

We of the elemental kingdom will be using the autumn in this way, and when the winter weather comes we will continue to work even harder. We will be preparing for next years’ glorious spring and working with the dream time of plant life.  You will be sheltering in your homes, but we do not feel the cold and we like to work without human interference. We are changing the health of the Earth on her surface and we are looking to help her express the beauty of her soul in her outward appearance. We value wildness and fertile fields, beaches and forests. This is where you will find us, and where you will find everything that is new and has changed. Go outside and see what we’ve been doing.

©Candace Caddick