Venice, City of Flowing Water

By Candace and the Archangel Melchizadek

I just returned from visiting my daughter in Venice, Italy. By sinking my perception beneath the foundations of Venice I was aware of the flow in and out of water moving through the mud below. It is more difficult for anything bad to adhere to a city where the water washes through. Venice is a city of water built in an ancient lagoon.

The city of Florence, the birth place of the Renaissance, was completely different when I visited last year. The Renaissance began with new ideas and later spread to the arts and sciences. The city of Florence produced ideas of great love and light, until dark entities arrived to set up home below and put a damper on the light. (This is something that happens time after time.) When I was there walking on the ground felt like I was walking precariously over a deep pit, and the few trees were like dainty ladies trying not to let their roots go into the ground. This is similar to the way a country like Syria must feel today.  Anytime I walk over one of these areas I feel uncomfortable and my legs want to start running to get out of there.  I wrote about these areas in The Downfall of Atlantis.

Venice, however, has far more trees than Florence and this is important. As common as it is for some people to belittle trees and “tree-huggers” trees have a beneficial influence on people who live near them. We learn from them and they change our behaviour.

I have written in the past about people who choose to go forward on the new Earth, and those who declined when they had the opportunity. Some people chose to go forward and then stopped when the going became difficult. Originally around 45% of the total population chose to step onto the new Earth, in the end there was only about 29%. 100% would have been the best result, and everyone who is born from Dec. 2012 onwards is automatically on the new Earth. The day will come when all the people here will carry the new energy. When looking for the sparks of light of the people who chose the new Earth in Venice they are most frequent around the trees and fewest in the commercial centre.

©Candace Caddick