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Clearing Away Darkness With Reiki

Reproduction horses saving the originals who are now inside the Basilica.

After writing the earlier article by the Horses of San Marco (  ) where they talked about the darkness of the energy on Earth now, I thought I would look at this dark energy, and I shifted my focus to see only the energy in the higher dimensions. Once as a child I toured a copper mine in Northern Michigan and they put the light out so we could see total darkness. There was no light to see anywhere, just darkness. That is what it was like to see the energy we live in, and what I felt this time was fear. Blocking out the sight of darkness to not feel that fear is a good-enough reason to ignore the energy in the higher dimensions. It would be hard to function if we could see how black the Earth is these days. It wasn’t always the case.

I moved house this summer from my much Reiki’d home to one where no one did any Reiki. The first thing I noticed was the absence of birds. People who regularly practice their Reiki tend to have a lot of birds in their gardens, with a wide variety of species. In the last two months I have continued to practice my Reiki, and have given some treatments in the wooden building at the end of the garden. When I look now to the house there is the light of Reiki in the house, with the light spreading to the garden. The birds can see this and are beginning to fill up the trees and bushes.

Imagine a blanket of darkness everywhere and creating little spots of light with your self-treatments practiced regularly. My old house with three of us practising daily and Earth healing groups had pushed back the boundaries of darkness so we always lived in pleasant energy. My old garden was filled day and night with animals and birds, a little like a Disney movie. I had many types of elementals living there. All it takes is using the opposite of darkness to change this and change the energy of your home. Reiki is light and practicing Reiki daily in a place pushes the dark back and keeps it back. It also has the same effect on people, although sometimes our path to the light can be a bit complicated.

©Candace Caddick

Two Examples Using Reiki This Year

Reiki Kanji

I’ve noticed that I don’t write often about Reiki. I practice my self-treatments daily, and I feel like I am a Reiki person and Reiki things happen to me. This summer I moved house and channelled through Reiki when I was thinking about where I would like to move to. I actually thought about what rooms I would like, and which ones I seldom used in the present house – like the dining room. When we moved to a smaller house it turned out to be perfect in the rooms it offered, and in the location. It took me a couple of months to realise this, but now I appreciate having my own space to write, and a smaller but still-beautiful garden.

The second example was when my younger daughter was finishing a contract abroad and it became her turn to be bullied by the boss. As each person left and was replaced they had weeks of bullying before leaving. Now it was her turn. “Send her Reiki and draw her back to you.” (It’s nice to be able to hear advice.) I started sending her full distance treatments every day and three days later she knew she was on her way home a week early.  I appreciated this because a young person does not need a long stretch of bullying at this stage in their career.

Last week I read a Reiki leaflet that came through the door offering relaxation as a result of Reiki treatments, but there is so much more to it than that. It is a way of letting your intentions and hopes fly away from you in alignment with universal life force energy, for your highest good and the highest good of all. When I’ve focused Reiki on anything that is troubling me I know that I’ve done the best I can do for myself and I can stop worrying about it. My Reiki Master, Phyllis Furumoto, taught me to include a problem in a personal second degree self treatment. When I do this I can feel the part of my body that is holding that problem, and the Reiki can begin to work.   I am a Reiki person and Reiki things happen to me, and I am completely happy with that.

©Candace Caddick

Guinevere’s Fountain

Candace and Guinevere

A while ago I was meditating when Queen Guinevere appeared and took me to her fountain, where she then invited me to bathe in the water. This was not only cleansing of negativity and the type of yuck that can get stuck in energy fields, but energizing. I was told I could go back anytime, and then hardly ever revisited her fountain.

Last week I had such a head cold, and headache with it until I remembered washing my hair in her fountain and off I went with Guinevere again.  Lying in bed I could feel the energy rising and lifting the headache away, while my hair felt like it was rising and curling away from my head with the healing energy. I wondered what I looked like before and after, and the before hair was like dead straw, and the after was my nice hair again.

I wrote quite a lot about Guinevere in the section about Arthur in The Downfall of Atlantis. She was the original fairy incarnated as a human, and along with Arthur established a new important bloodline. Sometimes I spot some of her descendants, and get to meet them. They share with her a love of the green and natural world and are here now to champion the cause of the Earth.

A Word From Guinevere

My fountain is a fountain of energy, and it looks like natural rock forming a basin for rushing water. This is my promise, that anyone who asks me to go I will take to my fountain to clean you of the static of everyday life, and clouds that impede your clear vision of the real world. People are struggling to find clear sight of today’s events and the world around them. They want to make the right choices in their lives that will lead them to contentment. They know there are decisions being made by others that jar with their sense of rightness, but they feel like they are peering through a shifting fog when trying to make sense of what is going on. There is A LOT  of deception around at the moment, and clear sight will help you not to be confused.

My fountain simply cleans your body and energy fields, and the mere fact that you ask me means you would benefit from visiting there.  There are no further rituals or prayers, just the respect due to me as  you would respect any other being.

Fairies are tied to the type of plants they groom. We do not make the plants grow or flower but we live in them and freshen them up, do a bit of housekeeping as it were.  We are considered magical, but we work with the Earth instead of being oblivious to her and that allows us to tap into her power. We are not particularly powerful, but the Earth is so powerful that she can do anything (natural).  When any being can tap into that power they will appear magical to you. Merlin is a good example of a human who understands the Earth and Earth power. Merlin learned all he knows from a wide number of beings, he is the greatest wizard who studied in the Atlantean style of wizardry.

©Candace Caddick

Why are so many young people dying now?

By the Archangel of Light

The energy has changed that led to the build-up of a population of seven billion people on planet Earth. The Earth was renewed last December, and your need for seven billion people on her surface has also changed. Going back to the figure we gave in, there are approximately 29% of you that chose to come along with the Earth for the grand finale of the human game. That leaves 71% that did not, or about 5 billion people.  These 5 billion people are not suddenly going to die, but there will be no more of them: how could there be? Everyone that is born from now on is born right here on the new Earth. All of those whose feet are on the new Earth are solid with energy and their feet are on the ground. Those who did not choose to come seem to be floating, and they will float away one by one. It depends on who they are and if they decide they want to give up and go. Others look like they’re falling with no where to put their feet, and they look frightened.

2013 has already witnessed a higher number of deaths of all ages than usual, but it is not a remarkable number and there are still new babies being born every day.  But it is the beginning of the rebalancing where the change in energy slowly feeds through to the physical. Remember, first the energy changes, then the physical world. Will it take as long as 3 decades for all of the old Earth people to die? It will happen faster than that, and that means there will be more younger people dying than you are used to.

Energetically, there are the 2 billion that hold energy and vitality, yet they look a little out of focus and not-quite-there-yet. As the others die the energy of the human soul currently spread between 7 billion of you  begins to concentrate in the smaller number of people that have chosen to be here. After a while there will be nothing but vibrant people, and the others that are now beginning to look hollow and faded will have moved on. Some people are acting as energy drains, or humans behaving like black holes. Their higher selves know they need energy and they will try to get it from the rest of you.  The best advice is to judge carefully who you are prepared to support energetically, i.e. family members and local businesses who feel like they are energetically on the new Earth. Otherwise if it is a stranger (and how many of you know your local MP or congressman?) you would do well to use your good energy to support your own plans. Don’t throw it away on supporting old world people or ideas.

A final word, there is nothing to fear in all of this.

Excerpt from Guidebook about Politics and Taxes

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

The Guidebook to the Future covers the current relationship of elected representatives to the electorate, before talking about how it will change. The archangelic authors also talked about taxes in the same paragraphs because government and taxes are intertwined. I thought today would be a good day to finally put a book excerpt up as an article.  This book covers a lot of different subjects and the table of contents is here:

Because everything is changing now, the established political systems across the world will also begin to change. Today countries can have populations in the millions with relatively few people in the central governments. Many of the decisions taken by politicians on behalf of local areas can be counter-productive. People are once again in the position of working for others, this time to earn enough money for taxes and it’s very hard to change this situation. Think about whom is taking advantage of your labour and the associated energy of enforced slavery, the unhappiness of slaves and the lack of light present in those who live off the work of others.

In the beginning of civic government men came together to organise services such as schools and fire fighting. These days it’s been forgotten what tax is for or how to use it. Taxes are to pay for services that benefit the whole community such as roads and hospitals. You live in communities of people, send your tax money away to the centre and have little say in how it is spent locally. This isn’t just about taxes; involvement in your own community strengthens it and you stop being a powerless bystander. The community stands a better chance of getting what it needs when local people participate in organising and choosing services.

There are many reasons why this does not happen already, including the fact that you are all so busy that it is a relief to hand any job over to someone else. Your lives are not balanced. We’re talking about working alongside others and taking responsibility for the community and environment you live in. This isn’t about service to others so much as helping yourselves by making local choices, sharing and joining together. You are one soul and every action that brings you closer together is going in the right direction.

In the past you tried different forms of government, and many of you in the West belong to systems where you each vote for someone to represent you in the capital. In democracies you are often represented by one person, and many of these representatives do not fully devote themselves to the electorate. For representatives in many countries it has become a very lucrative career with high rewards. The representative becomes distanced from those who elected them, and most of the time is spent with their new colleagues in the capital and not with the electorate. Developing their own interests and career connections within their new community of elected representatives is normal, and they jostle for position among themselves. They haven’t forgotten their constituencies, but they no longer consort with them. It’s become two-tiered, with the electorate one step further away.  Once in power they can be lost to those who elected them.

Today your representatives are the ones who have the greatest influence on how tax money is spent locally. This is one of the main reasons you are represented, to divide up the taxes that were collected. Their own financial interests are tied in with their new position, and their decisions for the rest of you can be based on trade-offs with other representatives. These are some of the conversations we sometimes refer to as taking place behind closed doors. In the end you are told that jobs or money are not coming your way, but you rarely know the real reason why. Politics today, from a dictatorship to democracy exploits the common man in large part due to this central pot of money paid in taxation…

Fortunately this will change, and in some countries is already changing now. Also, Belgium is doing just fine without any elected government at all during the last year.

©Candace Caddick