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An Alternate View of The End Times

By the First Elohim

The Elohim collective of angels is very involved with time. Time is one of the twelve dimensions of the universe, and it is one of the veils you chose when entering into this game on Earth. Humanity walks down a narrow tunnel of events, one after the other, and you do not see the whole of reality.

Some of you are moving out of the tunnel – sideways. The self-imposed  limits on time once looked as sold and impenetrable as rock, but those who see further have left the tunnel easily. How do you know if you are shedding the veil of time? You begin to feel your way ahead, as when someone asks you to make a firm date and you feel there’s something wrong with that day.  If you  believe in your ability to perceive the near future simply through your intuition, then you are already tearing the veil.  If you have a bad feeling about something “I don’t think I should be doing this”, and do it anyway then you’re not ready to listen to yourself yet. Time and the sense of rightness or wrongness can be observed in many of the animals sharing your planet. It’s going to be one of the first veils you discard.

Discarding the veils of linear, event-fueled time, leads you into timelessness. Once there you will see that The End Times ( is a misnomer. From my position in a timeless universe I look at Earth and humanity and I see a bright flame of light rising up, larger than the planet. I would refer to this event as the ignition, or the time when everything changed, or the beginning of a different existence for the planet.  Where you see an end, I see a new beginning.

©Candace Caddick

The End Times

By the Archangel of Light

In the past you looked forward to these days as a time of great change. You formed at least one major religion looking ahead to a catastrophic war, followed by a golden age ruled by a being of light. Whatever you believe about Jesus, he is a great being of light and love. When the old Earth ended in 2012 the previous pattern of human life changed forever on Earth.

The Bible describes the end of days starting with a total war, and a world that can only be saved by one being. When anyone takes the form of a human being (and that includes all you incarnate angels out there) they must forget everything they ever knew and come in completely blank, as a baby with a new story to be written of their life. When Jesus came in he did the same, and at the time he was living as any other human. He succeeded in being true to himself, a being of love, and a teacher of how to live by showing love to others. The light of this truthful soul contradicted every dark heart and situation he came across, and even today you remember these other people as self-serving and false. The worst of these were the leaders at the time of the Jewish religion, but this type of spiritual leader has existed in every religion.

Today you are led by the secular equivalent of these leaders. To lead now is to be self-serving  (with very few exceptions.)  Jesus and others showed you how you could live otherwise, he gave you example after example, and lesson after lesson. All you have to do is follow his teachings to bring about the end days of a world not ruled by love; he doesn’t need to reincarnate here again and repeat everything he already told you.

Humanity has entered a time when you are going to fight for yourselves and for your future. This is not Armageddon, where young men fight a war. This is standing tall for truth, love, and a world that was foretold as the golden age. No one will hand this to you; we angels advise but we do not act on your planet. If you want a golden age built on love and fairness then you are going to have to make it happen. It’s no longer about thinking or feeling, it’s about using what you have learned and speaking or acting. This is the time of the human race, to either turn your own world around, or sink into a state of de facto slavery.  When 85 people own half the world’s wealth, you  already have a lot of work ahead. Where is the love present in that statistic?

And now we want to say a word about Candace, who has also changed. She would not have been able to write the above at any earlier point of her life as she was afraid of backlash, for appearing to criticize powerful authority figures. But the world has changed, the current energy supports love and this article suddenly became possible for her to write. What do you want to say or do, what do you want to change? Many alterations have come about in the past when people refused to go along with plans that are not based on love.  Violence and law-breaking are not required, all you have to do is turn and walk away from anything that isn’t for your highest good.

I am the Archangel of Light, and my role is to increase the amount of love and light on every planet. Earth has reached a delicate balancing point – the end of a pendulum swing where time seems to stand still. When it swings back it can take you somewhere new, or go back to the same situation. When it moves, do you remember how fast a pendulum can swing? That’s the speed of change you’ll be experiencing.

©Candace Caddick

Why Waves of Energy Occur

By the Archangel Melchizadek

You’re receiving a wave of energy during at the moment in January, and I want you to be clear about what they are and how they happen. Waves and flowing energy are a natural and normal way to move forward, while rigid stagnancy is not. The universe is a very fluid place that has much more in common with water than dry land, and has movement and is never, ever still. An angel of light is depicted in your artwork as a solid being with wings, but we are fluid and variable, we shine and move through the dimensions as flowing light. The closer you come yourselves to light the more you flow, and the more flexible you are.

The opposite of flow is stagnant energy and it has all the qualities you see in a pool of still water. It can be the breeding ground of insect larvae, it may smell and putrefy, but it doesn’t flow. Because we are the essence of flow and movement we don’t like stagnancy. However we will not go so far as to condemn it because all was created by One who is greater than we are.

If you equate light with love and flow, then stagnant is dark with fear and hate. When you try to work out what kind of person you are dealing with, are they spontaneous and changing or rigid? That’s all you need to observe to know who you are dealing with.

Waves of energy occur as heartbeats across the universe. They are the impulse outwards of life, and the drawing back in afterwards. Your hearts do the same, as does your planet with Spring and Autumn. The trick to catching and using a wave of energy is to be flowing, changing and being spontaneous yourself. It’s not about finishing a task, but instead severing your anchors so you can be lifted up and deposited further along. For some reason humans find this hard to do as it involves a total commitment to trusting that you will always be looked after. You will always be looked after and it’s safe to let go and follow your heart.

©Candace Caddick

January 18 & 19, Universal Wave of Energy

Think Big!

By the Archangelic Collective

We wanted to answer some questions about universal waves, especially as there is a big one washing over your planet on January 18/19, 2014.

Universal waves are part of the pulse of the universe, similar to your own heart beat. Energy is squeezed and pushed out just as your heart squeezes and circulates your blood. As above, so below, meaning that the same useful patterns are discernable time and again in many different places.  Pulses work because they keep the flow going, and prevent stagnancy.

One of these waves hits your planet tomorrow for two days, on its journey out, and later, back again. What this means to you is that you  have some help, the very energy of the flow will help you move forward. What if you’re reading this next week? You need to consider what is going on in your life. Are you moving forward anyway, or doing nothing new, coasting along as you always have been? For those of you who are moving ahead anyway, seeing what changes you need to make in your lives to be even more happy, then this wave will help you make those changes. Like walking towards a beach, the wave washes up behind you and pushes you towards the shore. This wave can take you far up the sand. Six months from now think back to mid-January and see what’s changed in your life.

Snow, Ice and Floods

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

When we write about the energy changing in the New Year there is an example right in front of your eyes. The change we are talking about is the shift to living more locally. Spending less time going somewhere else to do the things you could be doing nearer to home. This is the overall behind-the-scenes energy that is blanketing the Earth right now. When you spend your money locally it stays in the community for your own benefit. Buying from national chain stores does not keep the money in your area.

This energy has manifested as extreme cold in North America, and extreme flooding in parts of the UK. It’s either too cold to leave the house for trivial reasons, or too hard to make your way around the flooded roads. Staying home has been forced on many of you. Take a moment to see how you feel about slowing down and waiting for the weather to pass.

Is this going to be the new energy for ever? The main point about energy flowing and changing is that it moves through one quality to another. By its very nature energy has to change, or it stagnates. When you are gifted with a blanket of energy as you are right now, you know that one day it will be gone. The best way to use any change in energy is to learn about yourself in a new set of circumstances. Learn everything you can so that when it changes you don’t need to experience the same again. You will be moving forward at the same speed as the planet, and that is by far the easiest way to live. This advice is to help everyone possible to move forward easily, painlessly and at a good rate of speed. Not everyone will be able to do this and they may find themselves once again kept close to home while others are moving on. This could happen through illness or by a car breaking down, or the closure of a railway line. It’s a time for everyone to be alert to everything happening in your world, and take nothing for granted. We angels of light are counting on a number of you coming through these changing times and leading the way forward.

©Candace Caddick