Starting the New Year off Right

By the Archangel Gabriel

I don’t usually make an appearance on these pages, but I am making an announcement today. I bring my own trumpeters for a fanfare to catch everyone’s attention. Do you remember Jesus saying “he who has ears to hear, let him hear”? That means that some messages mean more to those who listen with the intention to catch every nuance of meaning, and the real messages are sometimes in the background. Let’s see what you make of this one today!

There are beginnings and endings, and transitions between the two. You’ve had your planetary ending in December 2012, and now you must be in the beginning of the next phase, right? Do you feel like you are in the beginning, or hasn’t it arrived yet? You are in a period of transition, where the old world is literally cracking up month by month. You can see the cracks in society everywhere you look, unless you are isolated by wealth from the chaos around you. What kind of chaos? The economic chaos where you in the West appear to be falling off a cliff. Too many of you have lost your footholds on the edge and have tipped over into free fall. If you dispute this, just wait for a few months and reread this article.

What happens when you arrive at the bottom of a cliff and are still alive and willing to go on? Not all of you will choose to go on, but for the rest of you this is your real new year, new life, and new society. You will walk a little way and start a society you can afford to live in, and it won’t be remotely like the one you were pushed out of. For one thing you will care about the others around you, and help them to have enough. You won’t be dependent on the money the old society uses, because not everything of value costs money. You will find another way to live and be happy. Life will stop being transitional and start being new, for a New Earth.

So to my announcement: I have been watching you in the present, and that for me includes your past, your present and your future. I do not live in Earth time, but in the eternal present. Watching your progress I can see how far you’ve come, and how much remains to be covered before you have your new societies. Congratulations – you have come through the bottom and are starting up the other side!  It was in 2008 when the push for change began. This isn’t a transition without end, and you are using your individual strength to make the changes you want to see. What will happen is that changes will occur faster and faster. To go along with these start your new year with flexibility, hope, integrity, and kindness. These are the qualities that will push you forward instead of hold you back.

Angels are beings of light who rarely incarnate on planets, and we hold all living beings in our hearts with love. We know that when times are tough it is hard to keep your spirits up and have hope, and we want to reassure you that you will come through this transitional phase to a new and happier space. We think you’ve done all of this very quickly and efficiently, and are busy clearing a clean space for your new lives to take place.

©Candace Caddick