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The End of Darkness

A galactic centre of light

By the Central Sun of the Galaxy

I start channeling by asking “Who’s writing this article?” then I get a reply, and sometimes it’s not a reply I can even imagine receiving. The Central Sun is in the centre of the Milky Way where the stars shine the brightest. The history of all the stars and planets was covered in my book Planet Earth Today. Channelling is letting go and listening without preconceptions, allowing information to come through without letting my own limitations block it. In order for any star to speak there must be consciousness inside; life is everywhere.

I am the Central Sun, and I don’t often speak with those living on a planet. It is not usually necessary, but in your case I want to infuse some hope. I am the being that concentrates on receiving light from outside the universe and distributing it, rather like a power grid, to all the other stars. You don’t see the lines because you are blind to energy flows.

The universe has been in existence for a very long time now, but it is gearing up to a final peak of activity, followed by a rapid end. You on Earth have little idea of what is happening in all the other millions of galaxies, but I can tell you that it won’t be too dissimilar to what is happening right here. It’s the prevailing energy of the times, and universal energy knows no boundaries. You live on the planet that is holding centre stage right now, and all eyes turn to Earth while she takes her turn in the limelight. Earth renewed herself at the end of 2012 to be ready for the next phase of her existence.

What do I mean by “a rapid end”? This universe was formed as a structured learning experience what seems like a very long time ago to you. I don’t feel the time passing, I just AM. Much has been learned by humanity and nothing truly forgotten, and you are about 98% finished now. That means you have learned about 98% of that which you set out to learn, not that 98% of the years in the life of the universe have passed. So the question you could be asking is “what’s left for us to learn?” (This percentage does not apply to any beings except humanity; I’m writing for you.)

You have learned so much already, what you need to do in 2014 is remember some of the information that you never truly forgot. You once knew who you were and why you are here, and you knew about kindness to others. You knew what it was like to see everyone as your brother or sister, and you knew how to sing to the stars and have the stars listen. Somehow you have been led away from this knowledge and were told it wasn’t important for your lives here. It’s as if pieces of you were chipped away and you became smaller and meaner. But you are not really smaller and meaner, you are still beings of love.

Who do you follow, those who diminish you, or those who recognise who you truly are? Because there are those that make you feel small and weak, just as there are those who build you up. It is important to remember the greatness of your souls and everything you have already learned. The last 2 % of knowledge you will learn will be in pockets of experience that fill in around what you already know. It will include going one step beyond in many cases, as in knowing you love others, then taking the physical actions that help them. Putting your knowledge to good use.

I am light itself.  The rebirth of the Earth is the beginning of the end for the rule of darkness and the grip it had on your world.  To be part of the light it only takes remembering how wonderful you really are.  Your help is needed to push all that is dark farther and farther away.

©Candace Caddick

Have you ever seen a giant?

Flooded stream

By Candace

Friday was a nice day here, so I went for a long walk in a wood nearby where there had always been a pretty stream flowing through some green lawns. Because of the recent flooding this valley had filled with water, and although the water had receded the grass was half-dead. The banks of the stream had lost definition and been washed away.

Walking near the stream in the mud I was aware of a lot of elemental energy, in fact there seemed to be someone really large very close by and its energy was very noticeable. I stopped and looked for the source*. Towering high above me was a very friendly giant. The trees close by were maybe thirty feet tall, and he was a good four or five times that height, so maybe 120 to 150 feet tall. I could see he was working, so I asked him what he was doing and he turned me towards the ruined banks of the stream. He was rebuilding the banks energetically with large boulders and lumps of earth. First the energetic repairs, then the physical will be able to fill in the blueprint later. He was not dredging the stream, but restoring the banks.

Every time I’ve met a giant they are making repairs either in a drought or flood, by moving the earth around so the flow of water is optimal. Giants aren’t always this tall, either. Elementals enjoy being spoken to, and the giant and I parted with a friendly hug.

Elementals work tirelessly for the planet, and they are content in their work. Lately they have altered their roles from gardeners and groundskeepers to repair work. There are a number of new elementals who are holding parts of the planet together thereby minimising the damage caused by fracking, mining, and explosions. They are in the soil, weaving their limbs through the dirt and holding on. They are doing this because it is in the Earth’s best interest that they do so. And yet, they see us with love.

The following are some new elementals for today’s needs:

Elementals who spread Earth energy like bees spread pollen

Ocean vitality elementals

Air vitality elementals

Water vitality elementals

Earth vitality elementals

Vitality in this instance means to keep these parts of the planet alive.

*Normally I see what every  human sees, but if I can feel the energy of a higher dimensional being I stop and specifically look for the energy I can feel. I say to myself “I want to see the source of this energy”,  or “see who’s here”, and then I can see it. It’s the same with energy around an object, or the coming weather, or anything outside of the lower three dimensions. I have to focus on one thing and look. Try it!

©Candace Caddick

Weather Speeds Up Change

Flooded Somerset levels, photograph by Ben Birchall

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Could you ever have imagined either the United Kingdom, or United States under lock-down where you were forced to keep to your homes or neighbourhoods? And yet the last few months have restricted your ability to travel. In the case of flooding in the UK, infrastructure is not going to be fully repaired for years.  You were worried about the coastlines, but the weakening of the inland roads, bridges, railways, river defences, water mains, etc. will only become apparent over the months to come. The Earth herself is remodelling the island by using water. In the course of twelve months many things you took for granted will have changed, and your choices of how to best spend your time will have altered also. To go back to “How fast will change take place?”, you are living through decades of change in one year.

Next  year, is it going to be more of the same? That depends on how you respond to this year’s changes. You could a) try to restore everything to the way it was, or b) be more flexible. In b), we could see a new list of priorities put into action based on what you might need in the future. The list could be very forward looking, and we would like to see the emphasis on your localities. There are no threats here, but if you thought you were in for the same amount of rain and wind, would you be pleased to see the exact same flooding problems? Perhaps you could make a start on new ways of doing things that included balancing the planet you live on. One truth – you can not hold back the sea. The sea will rise and fall to suit the planet’s needs, and it’s not balanced yet.

The ability to be flexible and listen to your inner voice has always been a sign of human evolution. You are very adaptable and right now you are facing one of the big pathway choices in your time on Earth. Either move backwards to what you have always done, or move forward along on a new path.

In all the talk of snow and rain, don’t forget the droughts in Pakistan, California, etc. and the massive heat wave in Australia. Candace

©Candace Caddick

Rebalancing Land and Water

Church in Porthleven, Cornwall

By the First Elohim

Are land and water  completely separate? Think about a land with rivers flowing through it, almost like a muscle with blood vessels and capillaries. Inside your bodies every cell is visited by a tiny blood vessel delivering nutrients and taking away waste. On land the soil is visited by water in the form of streams, rivers, lakes and rain or snow. Land would be barren without water, and cells would die without blood flow. Without the land oceans would have fewer nutrients washed down to the sea, and that would affect the health of seaweed and the entire food chain. There would not be shallow areas for variations in sea life. Nevertheless, you once lived in such a water-world right here on Earth.

In August 2012, Candace and a few others helped us with an Ocean Healing Day (, and at that time the energy of the oceans was drawn far inland, spreading over the Earth’s surface over the following three weeks. I mention this because we often say to first transform the energy, and then the physical changes will follow. It has taken 2 1/2 years for this change aimed at drawing the land and sea closer together. We talk about everything becoming one, and you will automatically consider your own species first. In this case we are referring to the oceans and the land, two enormous consciousnesses, made up of many individual molecules. Land and water do not have to be the same as each other, but they are not meant to be completely separate and isolated. The energy of ocean water flowed over the whole world, and physical water is present today either in rain or snow in many place in the northern hemisphere. Heavy, persistent rain cleans the air, and washes some of those toxins down to the sea. Humans don’t make it rain, the Earth makes it rain, and she does so because it is necessary for life.

We angels always work for the highest good. We assisted the Earth in correcting an imbalance that would have contributed to further tragedy for all life on the planet. By drawing the water energetically over the Earth, the ocean elementals were helping her to detox, to balance, and to lubricate. Because some humans helped to do this, the Earth is aware of the goodwill of the human race. You all benefit from her goodwill.

How bad could this get? We’ve said “hold on tight” on a few occasions, and you’re at the beginning of events aimed at rebalancing. This year and next year look stormy, the following year less so, and your societies will have begun some serious changes. By this we mean that what is important to you will have altered, and you will enjoy new activities closer to home. The dependence on your governments to rescue you will diminish, and you will remember that you are strong and resourceful. These are corrections, not punishments. When all is back in balance life will be easier.

The rain you are experiencing in England is a gift, a sharp shove in the direction you need to go for your highest good. The rebalancing of water extends to the water inside your bodies; you are not separate from the water events taking place out of doors. If you’ve seen your life destroyed by flooding you may not feel this way, but we ask for a considered look back after a few years. When you do, the only measure that is relevant is how happy you were then, compared to now.

©Candace Caddick

A Watery World

Dawlish railroad tracks 5 Feb 2014. Picture by Andy Styles

By the King Under the Sea

The King Under the Sea looks a bit like a Kelpie. He is an elemental and like the other water elementals works for the planet, but only in the watery part of the world. They help us out enormously by cleaning and dispersing the toxins we pour into the oceans. Imagine if someone routinely parked a space ship over our heads and flushed their toilets out onto the planet. Someone would end up doing the cleaning.

The King orchestrates the other elementals, and directs resources so they are best  used. On dry ground we may call him the boss, but under the water he is the being best suited for organising the others. He is not considered higher in rank than anyone else. Again, think of a colour wheel – one colour does not outrank another; they are just different.

Greetings! I do not usually have much to do with you who live on dry land, but many of you have noticed that your land is not so dry right now. In the UK it is running with rainwater, in the US it is piled high with frozen water. All is part of my realm; my fingerprints are in every drop of water. Where there is drought, as in the Napa Valley of California, the balance of water has shifted. It is a fluid, ever-moving element.

Dry land has been very static of recent years, and it is as if you think nothing will ever change the boundaries between the land and sea. There is more than a trace of the laws of property about this: humans feel they own parcels of land up to the beaches and that is the end of the story.

5,000 years ago the land of Dogger between the Netherlands and eastern England was a hunting ground. There are maritime archaeological digs in the villages drowned under the Channel. Bodiam and Harlech Castles were on the coastlines, but are now miles inland. The water of the world is not static, and not under your control. The best way to meet it is to be as flexible as it is. Water can’t be pinned to one level.

I see a world where the boundaries between land and sea return to being much less fixed in place, where what has become rigid releases its hold and begins to move. Maybe one year it will be dry land, and another under water. In the UK you had marshy valleys that are presently drained, particularly in Scotland. It was easier to row across the middle than travel around the ends of the lochs. Coastlines move and move with the wave action. You cannot hold back the sea or the rain, it is part of the Earth and beyond your control. We feel we have been shut out of parts of the Earth where we once lived, and we are ready to rediscover these areas. Every bit of the Earth is different from the piece next to it, and we’ve missed living with some of the dry areas.

©Candace Caddick