Weather Speeds Up Change

Flooded Somerset levels, photograph by Ben Birchall

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Could you ever have imagined either the United Kingdom, or United States under lock-down where you were forced to keep to your homes or neighbourhoods? And yet the last few months have restricted your ability to travel. In the case of flooding in the UK, infrastructure is not going to be fully repaired for years.  You were worried about the coastlines, but the weakening of the inland roads, bridges, railways, river defences, water mains, etc. will only become apparent over the months to come. The Earth herself is remodelling the island by using water. In the course of twelve months many things you took for granted will have changed, and your choices of how to best spend your time will have altered also. To go back to “How fast will change take place?”, you are living through decades of change in one year.

Next  year, is it going to be more of the same? That depends on how you respond to this year’s changes. You could a) try to restore everything to the way it was, or b) be more flexible. In b), we could see a new list of priorities put into action based on what you might need in the future. The list could be very forward looking, and we would like to see the emphasis on your localities. There are no threats here, but if you thought you were in for the same amount of rain and wind, would you be pleased to see the exact same flooding problems? Perhaps you could make a start on new ways of doing things that included balancing the planet you live on. One truth – you can not hold back the sea. The sea will rise and fall to suit the planet’s needs, and it’s not balanced yet.

The ability to be flexible and listen to your inner voice has always been a sign of human evolution. You are very adaptable and right now you are facing one of the big pathway choices in your time on Earth. Either move backwards to what you have always done, or move forward along on a new path.

In all the talk of snow and rain, don’t forget the droughts in Pakistan, California, etc. and the massive heat wave in Australia. Candace

©Candace Caddick