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Comfortable Progress

Happy walkers

By the Archangelic Collective

What does it mean to move forward together as one? Can you picture a group of people who agree on the direction they wish to travel, who all want the same type of lives where happiness and self-worth are the cornerstones of their existence? They gather together and begin walking at the same speed, and they are comforted by the support they receive from each other. Finally, instead of making their way alone in the world they are walking as a group and feel part of something larger. It feels familiar and right. The connections grow between the members of the group, as little strands of web develop and unite them. They feel they will never be lonely or struggle against the oncoming flow of traffic ever again.

Many of you have worked alone or in small groups developing your spiritual self, and we can see a lot of strong spirit warriors now. You live in a world where many care little about other human beings, other species, or the planet. But there is an explosion of interest in finding another way to live with the Earth – a more spiritual and natural way. We encourage you to reach out and find other small groups and begin linking together. In these groups you will meet people with many different spiritual talents, and many earthly talents as well. You are the future, and the direction you choose and the people you walk with will bring about change. It’s time to meet each other and join talents!

©Candace Caddick

Earth’s House Party

Maldives, an Island in Paradise

By the Earth and Candace

When I tune into the Earth itself I can feel her indignant anger at humanity. She invited us to her home, and we came here as guests. Once inside we began to lock some of the other guests up in rooms, kill and main some, poison others and make the house uninhabitable for a great many species. It wasn’t our house to ruin. If you had a party and some of your guests began killing the others you know how that would make you feel.

Who are these other guests humanity is harming? There are polar bears, rhinos, bees, passenger pigeons, and so many more species either dead or vanishing. They were innocent victims, invited here by Earth to live their lives.

The Earth notices when humanity mines under her surface, but she’s big and it’s only surface damage. When we kill off her little ones: the plants, fish and coral reefs, animals and insects, she is angry with us. We were invited into the playground and started killing the other children. How dare we do this?

One day the Earth will ascend to light and our original plan was to join with her at that time (written about in And I Saw a New Earth.) She will still ascend, and her mood at the moment is close to “I’m not going to let you stop me.”  Earth has all the fondness for us that we might have for a serial killer.

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

This article from the Earth is different to the ones we angels usually send through Candace. One reason why we continue to write about how you can ascend with the Earth is to help you visualise how it could happen, and then you need to take the actions to bring about the picture you see. If we can help and guide you to take these actions it will be for everyone’s highest good. This is about choosing to move forward in love, and not becoming paralysed in fear because you think it’s too late. It’s not too late, but you have to take steps to live with all Earth’s children.

Earth is so very powerful, a being of enormous strength and love. You need to see yourselves as one species weighed in the scales against all the other life on the planet. Your original role was to be part of the world and the life on it, not to picture yourselves controlling and taking everything. These are not the actions founded on love.

You are only able at this time to act yourself in a loving way as much as possible, and it is far more powerful than you might believe. Even one person will make a difference by changing the way they live.

©Candace Caddick

Where Are We Heading?

spring primroses

By the angels of spring and fresh starts

I always ask who’s speaking, and in this case I could see many beings with many different voices. These angels have different heights and characteristics. Together they give us the flowers and bird song, new buds and leaves.

Spring has arrived again in the Northern Hemisphere, and everything that was asleep protecting itself is awake again. In 2013 spring took a huge leap into the future, the kind of leap a young foal takes and then lands precariously, only partly balanced on its feet. From that crooked landing the summer and autumn progressed in a lively but not quite balanced manner with a lot rain in the UK and Europe, and snow and freezing temperatures in N. America.  It makes sense to think of the natural year beginning anew every spring.

This year the energy is leaping ahead again, but with a more controlled leap – less high and more forward. When you land in summer you will start advancing with stability. This is not a bad beginning, and much easier for you to build on. The energy of 2013 was wobbly, and the energy of this year is more level. 2014 is more like a horse trotting straight down a road than a foal running and playing in a field.

You live inside of the year’s energy, and it affects your entire society. Many of you wonder now where humanity is heading. Over the next twelve months societies will continue with good forward motion while humanity stays on the road until it ends in light. Once through to the other side of the light people will leave the road and begin to strike out on their own paths over the green hills, following their individual desires. First you have to keep going and allowing the forward motion to set the pace, and never stop until you reach the other side.

©Candace Caddick

Woodhenge Workshop Day

Woodhenge courtesy English Heritage

31 May 2014

Today at Woodhenge you will find concentric concrete rings where wooden posts once stood.

Woodhenge marks a place where you can walk on grass, yet find yourself walking among the stars and listening to their music. Realising that there are people who do not know how to approach the centre with their eyes and ears open, my angelic guides will provide a channelled meditation and energetic attunements to help see beyond the Earth planes. It’s a day to remember who you are when you’re not confined to Earth, and to be open to the feel as well as the sights and sounds of our universal home.  Further information about Woodhenge is in a blog written last year following a visit:

Excerpt from blog: “I like to go to Woodhenge because it is the one place where I can hear the stars sing. Walking past the first concrete posts the universe is around me in all its beauty, the stars are singing and I am back to being me. I am a happy soul, weightless with only my consciousness present. I asked the stars what they were singing today and they laughed and threw stardust over me. Looking down I could see the Earth, very far away and as small as a marble. But as one of the others present said, when there is so much to look at in the universe, one can’t spend all the time looking at a far-off marble. Another felt it was a place full of ancestral voices. Walking out of the circle I could feel myself coming back into my body and walking on the green grass again.”

If time permits we will also visit the henges at Durrington Walls.

Please contact Candace Caddick for further details

Reiki Master, Author and Clairaudient Channel

Cost £25

Bring your own picnic lunch