What’s Been Happening This May

Walking back

By the Archangel of Light

Sometimes there’s so much happening that one is left simply confused. The weather can be unusual, and events can make no sense whatsoever. The May elections have taken place indicating that people want to build walls around themselves, remaining in their little boxes where they have control over what happens.

You are one species and one soul, so always we wish to see you remember this and embrace each other with love. We have learned lessons of patience and compassion while watching you on Earth, and as you become ever more fearful of others we know that this will not last forever. One day you will look into strangers eyes you meet and see yourself looking back at you.

This month when many voted to isolate themselves into small and comfortable groups, some of you may have felt that humanity was turning around and walking back down a path you’ve already explored, and that everything’s getting worse. You are not yet at the point where you will walk ahead together in a straight line, although that will be in your future. You are still zigzagging, and are taking one step back before moving two steps forward. It’s what humanity does, it’s your way of learning by retracing your steps and then moving forwards. How many times will you retreat and walk forward? As many times as you need to learn something until it is never forgotten.

We angels don’t want anyone to despair if they feel society is heading in the wrong direction. You aren’t finished learning yet and today’s direction will not last forever. You are a soul of love and light, and one day humanity will have learned everything it needs to and then every step will be dictated by love. It won’t be long until that happens.

©Candace Caddick