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Change of Scenery

Dried clay. Courtesy of Flickr: Photo by Yuna Mika

By the First Elohim

Previously the Earth has seemed to be such a stable place to live, but you are coming closer and closer to her recovering some of her movement. Imagine a ball shaking and its clay surface cracking into many small shapes. The shapes don’t fly away, they remain on the surface, just cracked. What was solid now has the opportunity to move more easily. The movement is necessary for the Earth, and therefore necessary for all the life on her surface.

We don’t want you to be afraid or confused, but we want you to embrace fluidity and movement for yourselves and living lives that may seem different but are still enjoyable. The time frame for this is now, it begins now, and that is why I’m writing this year instead of in thirty years time. Bit by bit there will be new contours in the land, new waterways and coastlines, and changes that have absolutely nothing to do with human beings but everything to do with the planet. If you can let go of rigidity and move easily you will have taken steps forward and not backward. Life will become more interesting.

┬ęCandace Caddick

A Day At Woodhenge

Woodhenge, Wiltshire

By Candace

Saturday 31st May I held a workshop at Woodhenge where everyone brought along a picnic lunch and we spent the day outside. One of the enjoyable aspects of the workshop for me is seeing the participants experiencing the energy at one of the world’s major power sites.

This was a channelled workshop by my angelic guides, and we were instructed where to go to enter the dimensional doorway present at Woodhenge to experience energy in the higher dimensions. Everyone was able to open this door for themselves, and then return back into our three dimensions at the end. We were also told how to enter the centre in the ancient ceremonial way and stand in the space that links us to the beginning and end of timeless space. This is an area where you are exposed to the full light and healing energy of the universe.

Woodhenge is not very well known or understood, and I had to tease out a lot of the information about it through visits and channelled information. It was a day for us to be healed and balanced, to reconnect and remember. Every person who is able to live a more balanced life steadies the planet – we do not exist in isolation. Balance is also essential for our physical health.

┬ęCandace Caddick