Summer Days

By The Green Man

What new ideas did you have after December 2012, the beginning of your new 26,000 year Earth year? (My angelic guides wrote all about the new galactic cycle in And I Saw A New Earth – about the combinations of events that allows the Earth to lead the way for this universe’s ascension. We’re present here and are a part of it.) The weather is warm now and the mad rush of spring is over, growth has slowed and plants and baby animals are building in size and strength. It can’t be spring forever on any planet, where there is always a beginning but never a conclusion. Spring is exciting and engages your interest, but summer is where some of those new seedlings (or ideas) either build and develop or die.

Green Man From Magickal Graphics

Are you writing down your flashes of intuition, your plans for moving forward and solid ideas to build on? Summer is the time to go back and reassess these, and put in the groundwork for action. When the autumn arrives the pace picks up once again and people become more active. The purpose of summer is to give your ideas time to build and grow in strength, and perhaps let a few of them die. Autumn allows you to take the best of them forward as part of you.

Those of you who live in parts of the world where there are seasons can make your own lives easier by living in sync with the outside world. You will find yourself doing the right things at the right times. The energy is swirling around you and you can ride it like a leaf in the autumn winds. Spring is for jumping up and making fresh starts, summer is for building and strengthening, autumn really is the harvest and enjoying the results of the previous two seasons (and this can spread into the winter and early spring if appropriate.) Winter is looking inward and listening to your inner voice and getting to know yourself. If you don’t know yourself, you can’t move successfully into the next phase of your life. Meditation is the easiest way to look inside yourself.

I am one of the Green Men who walks hidden among growing plants wherever they are found. We are a numerous group of elementals who monitor the health of plants, and communicate with them and other elementals who can aid them. Our ability to communicate is why we are often the elementals who speak with human beings.

Grow with love,

The Green Man

©Candace Caddick