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Defeating War

By the Archangel of Death

Ukraine, Iraq and Palestine – who is being killed in these conflicts? Does it meet with your approval that children, women and non-combatants are dying? Are you letting a few power-hungry factions turn your world into a graveyard? What is going on?

Malaysian Airliner MH17 wreckage in Ukraine

A face you are familiar with in the West is Russia’s Vladimir Putin, you know him and see what actions he takes. You hear his justifications and excuses as he exercises his personal power. There would be no war in the Ukraine without his consent. Now picture this same type of personality living in Iraq and Palestine, the leaders of these fighting movements use personal power in exactly the same way. Would they be in positions of power at all without conflict? Or would there be others who were not war leaders?

But you don’t live in these countries so how can you change what’s happening there? War is terribly important, and the misery caused by war can’t be contained in one little area. The energy of despair flows outwards and around until the whole planet is coated in it. You walk through this energy every day and breathe it in. The sadness of the wives and mothers is your sadness also.

There are ways to change the world around you. Your personal weapon against the darkness of despair is light, and light is love, joy and hope. You, either alone or with others, need to work as hard at love as they work at hate. You can create a little patch of light to live in where the darkness is not so dense, and act to counteract the darkness. Filling yourself with light (as in a Reiki self-treatment) spreads it outwards in a limitless stream, and it amplifies and rebroadcast light out around the world. The larger the group is that heals together, the greater the light is amplified, and the more light spreads, the less energy there is to support war. First there is the energy, then the physical follows.

©Candace Caddick

The Moon’s Relationship to the Earth

By The Earth

The Moon and the Earth are sisters, but we are not the same being. I am the consciousness that inhabits this world you live on, and a completely separate consciousness inhabits the Moon. We are in a close relationship for our own developmental purposes. When you live with me and adjust to me, draw my energy up through your legs and become a part of me, then you are complete. You will never have this relationship with the Moon.

Super Moon in August

Many people look to the Moon in the sky and try to connect with her energy. She does carry a gentle energy, a truly emotional energy of swirls and flows, and she has a great emotional influence here. But to connect outward takes self-control and a dedicated sense of who you are and where you are on my surface. The power of the Moon to stretch and pull the tidal waters can pull you to an ungrounded relationship with me. If you had wanted to live on the Moon, you would have incarnated there.

If you focus on the Moon without being grounded on me you fail to blend the two energies. Blending our two energies in your lives is the best you can achieve from our near proximity. Being completely grounded and connected to the Earth slots you into your correct position, it plugs you into the my energy grid and makes you a part of all life here. You have no idea how few people live in this way, while all the plants and animals do. From that fully Earthed position you will be able to take on the additional energy of the Moon, and add it to your energetic make-up. You will have made your first step into the outer universe and become more than you are now.

A word on grounding – pushing your energy down, down, down into the Earth so that I will ground you is not the same as you consciously grounding yourself into the present with an awareness of who you are and where you are. They are two different things, and pushing into me is only slightly effective, while the other is 100% effective. It’s your job to ground yourself by being present in your lives.

What the Woodhenge Workshop is About

A friend recently asked me what exactly is this workshop about, and I explained my problems with trying to get it all onto an A5 flyer. Here is a fuller explanation:

The Woodhenge workshop shows people how to use the physical design of Woodhenge to reach that part that is their true self. Successful students of meditation will be familiar with that point where they have joined with their higher self, and experience who they really are. Woodhenge is set up to take anyone quickly to that point.

Woodhenge Today

In order to understand the site I visited Woodhenge many times and channelled lost information from Archangel Michael and the Earth. I teased the information out and put it together as a package of led meditations that would allow each participant to reach the point of self awareness after they approached the middle in the way it was designed to be used. At first I helped them, but in the end they could all use Woodhenge by opening the dimensional doorway present and walk back into everyday energy when they were finished. They can stop by anytime now and use it again.

If you’ve ever had the luxury of four consecutive Reiki treatments over four days you will know how it feels to be soaked in universal life force energy. Being inside the circle for a few minutes takes you to the home of the Reiki energy and it feels recognisably similar. This is a part of Reiki that reminds you that life is not about isolation or perhaps pain, but that life is light and a gift to be enjoyed.

I work with angels, and they are always trying to find ways to help people. They suggested this workshop, and I run it on their behalf. It’s a fun day out, and an absolute bargain at £25. There are some places remaining on the 6 September workshop.

©Candace Caddick

Before Stonehenge – Neolithic Orkney Islanders

Two years ago I wrote about the Orkney Islanders and their path to community ascension in The Orkney Islands are located near the fringes of our world, where the veils between the Earth and the universe are thinner and more easily breached. The August 2014 issue of National Geographic Magazine revisited the Orkneys and wrote about what’s been discovered in the archaeological digs. If you’re going to read both of my articles, start with the older one first.

Ring of Brodgar

Archaeologists have been uncovering more details from the temple dig on the largest isle of the Orkney’s. They found the oldest examples of the pottery used in Neolithic Europe on the Orkney’s, which was a stop on a major trade route allowing their pottery to spread widely. The Orkadian’s all mysteriously disappeared at once without a trace. But first, they had a big party. The shin bones of four hundred cattle were found arranged in their large hall, and then the roof was pulled in. Following that they were gone.

A few years back I went (as my higher self) to an ascension party out in the universe. The universe likes to celebrate when anyone steps into the light, it’s a recognition of the learning and experiences that were lived through in order to ascend. These islanders reached enlightenment through community, and as a community they held a celebration party before pulling the roof down and leaving en masse.

Those who lived on the Orkney’s learned what it was to be a human being, to love every member of their society and value them as highly as they did themselves. Their personal boundaries spread to include every member of the human race, whether they were friend or visiting stranger, all were treated with love. One day they all knew they had finished learning and were free to ascend to a higher level where they would keep learning from a new perspective. They would be taking nothing with them, and rather than abandon their animals they ate them, and those cattle died for that time.

Ascension isn’t turning into a beam of light or floating on a cloud. It is playing the same game of self-knowledge with new subtleties of thought and experience, and new responsibilities. Life exists in so many different levels and forms and it is always interesting.

©Candace Caddick

Breaking news about a underwater stone circle in the Orkneys.

There are still places on my Woodhenge Workshop on 6 September. If you are interested in coming please contact me.