Defeating War

By the Archangel of Death

Ukraine, Iraq and Palestine – who is being killed in these conflicts? Does it meet with your approval that children, women and non-combatants are dying? Are you letting a few power-hungry factions turn your world into a graveyard? What is going on?

Malaysian Airliner MH17 wreckage in Ukraine

A face you are familiar with in the West is Russia’s Vladimir Putin, you know him and see what actions he takes. You hear his justifications and excuses as he exercises his personal power. There would be no war in the Ukraine without his consent. Now picture this same type of personality living in Iraq and Palestine, the leaders of these fighting movements use personal power in exactly the same way. Would they be in positions of power at all without conflict? Or would there be others who were not war leaders?

But you don’t live in these countries so how can you change what’s happening there? War is terribly important, and the misery caused by war can’t be contained in one little area. The energy of despair flows outwards and around until the whole planet is coated in it. You walk through this energy every day and breathe it in. The sadness of the wives and mothers is your sadness also.

There are ways to change the world around you. Your personal weapon against the darkness of despair is light, and light is love, joy and hope. You, either alone or with others, need to work as hard at love as they work at hate. You can create a little patch of light to live in where the darkness is not so dense, and act to counteract the darkness. Filling yourself with light (as in a Reiki self-treatment) spreads it outwards in a limitless stream, and it amplifies and rebroadcast light out around the world. The larger the group is that heals together, the greater the light is amplified, and the more light spreads, the less energy there is to support war. First there is the energy, then the physical follows.

©Candace Caddick