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How to See Through Energy Portals

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I realised that in the last article ( I posted a picture of a portal that I could see through, but others may not be able to. So I asked my guides if they would like to write about how to see through these frozen pieces of time, and a whole chorus of voices shouted yes!!! So here is Melchizadek to explain.

First you have to believe it is possible for you, as an individual, to see through a portal. Other people are able to see through them, and you are able to do this too. It is not beyond your reach, it is a similar faculty to having the hairs rise on the back of your neck as a warning that there has been a change in your immediate environment. You are born sensitive to energy and changes in energy.

Viking Rune Stone, Aarhus

Viking Rune Stone, Aarhus

A physical portal such as the Viking rune stone will attract the attention of anyone who notices changes in energy, and it can stop you in your tracks as you walk by. Once you stop and look for the source of what you are feeling and look around, you will find the object. What is it about that particular object that has caught your attention, even if you are not immediately sure what it is? Shift your gaze into soft focus in a relaxed way, as staring harder and harder at it doesn’t work. This is a time to feel first, and see afterwards. You should begin to sense enhanced energy, or an energy that surprises you by feeling different.

The opening is usually in the centre of the object. Behind it is part of a vanished world, and another possible timeline. You are looking for a shimmer over the surface, or a dissolving effect, perhaps you’ll see a different colour showing through. Both of the portals mentioned in the last article were a window onto a lovely natural, dappled green. They are showing the Earth at that time. The Earth continues to remain the centre of importance in your residence here.

From these first glimpses you will need to re-engage your brain as well as your heart and feelings, and ask yourself what you think you are seeing behind the object. In the Aarhus Viking rune stone you will know it was made during the time of the Vikings in Denmark. That is your end date, and in this case the start date could be a few centuries ahead. Green trees and fields, people walking in small groups on the land, this shows a happy rural farming area immediately before the Viking culture took hold and swung the timeline towards raiding. Were Vikings good or bad? They were simply another aspect of humanity coming to the surface.

Let’s say you are seeing dappled green, you are sure it is something genuinely from the time of the Vikings, and you want to see more details. Relax your busy brain, and tell yourself you don’t want to make up something, you really want to see what’s there or nothing at all. (Humans are very good at inventing details.) Watch for movement such as the breeze in the trees or people walking, or animals. It could go like this: “I see cows in a field, now I see two people walking towards them. There’s a fence and a lane and the trees are moving in the breeze. The people are happy (you sense their emotions as emotions are energy), there are more people moving in the distance.” Allow yourself to go slowly and believe it is possible for you to do this. You can work from pictures of portals also. Most importantly is to practice, practice, practice. This type of sensing skill will serve you in many ways besides looking through portals. Many portals have no physical objects attached, and if you come across one of those it will be because you feel it.

©Candace Caddick

Portals into our Past

By the First Elohim.

I’ve noticed two portals contained in artwork In the past month . One was a picture in the National Portrait Gallery on Trafalgar Square in London, and the other was a Viking rune stone in Aarhus, Denmark. I’ve been working on understanding why they exist and what it is I can see through them , and asked for some help from my guides. Candace

First Elohim

This particular type of portal is a frozen moment in time, and when looking through these pictures into an earlier time it is similar to looking through a microscope slide. A sliver of the world that has vanished is preserved and you can see this sliver, and also see through it into the past.

Viking Rune Stone, Aarhus

Viking Rune Stone, Aarhus

These two dimensional, flat portals were created by the energy of change from one pathway to another. They look backwards only. The current timeline stopped moving straight ahead and headed off at a new angle. This has happened many times while humanity has been on Earth, and the energy is great enough to create a window on a vanished pathway. Some of these portals are easier to find as a physical object, and some now only exist energetically. When you stand in front of one of these existing portals it would be possible for you to send your soul through to the past and live there without a body, while your present body dies without the soul giving it life. We would never recommend this as a course of action – being a lost ghost in the past and dead in the present. It would be far better to look and learn about your world and the mechanics of time by contemplating a portal. Remember, ghosts have no power or ability to act, they do not grasp or hold but only watch. You are not going to see a body step through a painting or a stone as in the Harry Potter books.

The Viking rune stone shows a very green countryside populated with happy people in Denmark, a land of health and peace. The quality of the green is unstained, while the sounds of nature and people’s laughter are abundant. Denmark’s timeline shifted with the change to Viking culture, which brought wealth while causing a great deal of pain from the killings involved. As green as you think Denmark is now, it was a far deeper and richer colour before being overlaid with the fog of pain.

The picture in the Portrait Gallery contains Henry VII, the first of the Tudor line and his son Henry VIII. This portal is a copy of a sketch, and the original painting is also a portal. They capture one of those moments where one man changed the timeline single-handedly, as without Henry Tudor collecting followers there would have been no battle of Bosworth Field. Years of peace ended in war again, and the green land visible through the portal became cloudier and darker. It would take many years until the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1st to bring peace again. The line of English kings took an unexpected direction and travelled through Henry the Eighth’s momentous break with the Catholic church. Would this ever have happened if the Plantagenets remained on the throne? By the way, Richard III was a dead end – the throne would have passed to another Plantagenet eventually.

Once on the new Tudor timeline, there were new events quickly added that could not find a space to fit on the old timeline, in fact it was such an improbable kingship that the timeline was slender and not filled in with details. The bolder and thicker timelines are already packed with expectations and events waiting to happen, and this is exactly what makes them so strong with energy. There were new opportunities to change the way England would develop, and a rapid-fire juggling of who was going to incarnate in what position to bring about the highest good for all. Now look again at this exciting time and who’s life made a difference? Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, two such volunteers.

I could talk all day, given a human channel. Live in peace, the First Elohim.

©Candace Caddick

Why Woodhenge Days Are Special

by Candace

Woodhenge has the ability to remove veils with which we cloak ourselves, and my workshops are set up to remove the veil of isolation – the one that hides us from our higher self. The site itself does it, and my role is to get everyone through the higher dimensional doorway so they are in the right space to benefit from the energy. Five of us visited Woodhenge on the 6th of September.


When I run workshops in public spaces I always put up an energy barrier so we can work privately. This time there must have been four other tour groups walking around Woodhenge for about 15 minutes each. They sounded so muffled I could barely hear them, and they were never in the rings when our groups was using them. These people were being told about what they guess about the site’s use. I like having the Archangel Michael explain it all to us so we don’t have to guess, and I appreciate the angels help with the weather on these days as well as making sure we have the space free for our healing.

One participant who attended wanted to be able to hear his guides speak, by the next morning (following his Reiki self-treatment) he could hear them. I had more barriers removed while in there, the one limiting my understanding of my oneness with the universe. Because I’ve been fortunate enough to visit three times this summer, researching the workshop and then running two, the universe keeps finding more adjustments to do on me.

Because I think this is a brilliant workshop I am going to run it again on Saturday Oct 11th. As soon as I was home last Saturday, the Archangel Michael told me he’s worked out a Day Two for people who’ve done day one, so I’ll be channelling that one through soon.

©Candace Caddick

The Earth and Different Nations

By Candace

I’ve been on a trip around the Baltic Sea, and stopped in seven different countries. I always find it interesting to tune into the energy of the Earth below each country, as they never feel the same. For example, crossing the border between England and Wales there is an uplifting swell of energy that matches the Welsh mountains, and is heard in the voices of the people in speech and song.

Baltic Sea

Here’s how the Baltic countries felt to me, and this is my personal opinion. Other people may feel something else.

Norway – wanting to move and spread westwards, the fingers of the fjords each reaching further outwards. Vikings away!

Denmark – half land, half water energy, content with their position as a crossroads.

Germany – feels like a meadow with many flowers and bees humming. Who’s busier than a bee, unless it’s a German worker?

Estonia – a fierce energy of independence just below the surface of the Earth, ready to push its way up and out.

Russia – breathtaking anger.

Finland – a place where the beauty of the Earth is expressed in the beauty of the country, wild and free.

Sweden – glowing with light.

About a year ago I thought about looking at each country on the planet in alphabetical order and writing about what its energy was like, as that is the energy that forms the events and affects people on its surface. I can see now that the events on the surface also affect the way the planet feels below. We are instigators as well as receivers. It’s important that we prevent terrible events from happening.

©Candace Caddick