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Tarot Readings

By Candace

Four of Pentacles

Four of Pentacles

Tarot links words with pictures to really get a point across. I recently did a reading for someone that ended with the Four of Pentacles as an illustration that this was always an alternative option, a safe option. The fact that this card turned up last delivered the message that the love and risk discussed in the earlier cards could be sidelined and the end result would be lots of money, if money is what you want. I couldn’t devise a reading with the cards arriving in the perfect order, but they are always dealt as a coherent and instructive story. I feel a thrill of admiration each time I deal cards for the angels to do their readings.

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Illustrations are from my Hanson-Roberts deck.

Reiki for a lion!

Reiki for a lion!

┬ęCandace Caddick

Why Do Portals Exist?

By the First Elohim

Part Four in a series on Portals.

The portals on to your planet are here for one reason, and one reason only: they are the only way to introduce a controlling presence from beyond the Earth’s shield. A shielded planet allows soul groups to make the adjustments necessary for living together, or dying together.

Earth courtesy of NASA

Each portal was constructed in response to a loophole in the contract between Earth and humanity (contract in books Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis), and through them poured all those who had something to gain from running events on Earth. We are referring here to both the light and the dark angels, and in the end the Earth’s shield was dismantled and destroyed – leaving the planet wide open with no further portals required. If you ever wonder why there has been so much misery over the millennia, it is due to the lack of a shield during all those years.

But now your shield is at full strength and your planet is much, much stronger in herself. What has not changed particularly is humanity and the way you live together. People have been numbed so that the way they treat each other, often with great unkindness, seems like an acceptable way to live. This is the great sorrow we angels of light feel when we work with you. We have known you from the beginning, when you were one of the brightest souls of love and beauty in the universe. You are still this soul of light, and it makes up your inner core. It is easy to reach this comfortable alignment with your true self, and then to practise being who you really are. When you align with your higher self everything suddenly makes sense, and the stress of being untrue to yourself and your chosen pathway drops away and you can relax.

You came here, each one of you, to advance the cause of love and light on this planet, and from your soul’s point of view you would not choose to do anything else. As soon as you change to living with love, and for love, you will be aligned and whole. You will be happy. Happiness spreads just as quickly as fear, or any other emotion. It’s the job humanity chose – to come here and live with emotions and learn how powerful they can be, while never forsaking their own soul of light.

Treat others as you would be treated yourself.

I googled “free wormhole pictures” to see if I could find an illustration for this article, and immediately got hit with whatever was using a photo as a portal. I cleared myself off, but what about all the other people on the internet who don’t even notice? If it feels bad, it is bad.

┬ęCandace Caddick

Life As the Rest of the Universe Lives

By the Archangel Michael

I, the Archangel Michael, have been teaching people at Woodhenge this summer about who they really are when the veils of humanity are discarded. My workshops are channelled through by Candace who shares the experiences with the rest of the participants. The most recent workshop on October 11th took the group to a whole new level.


The stated object of these workshops was to remove the veil hiding you from yourself. In the first workshop this was partially lifted, in that some parts were crystal clear, while others remained clouded. The second workshop was then able to wholly remove the veil and let those who came find themselves whole, and at home with the rest of the human soul.

They were able to do this because of the nature of Woodhenge as a place without limits, as it is a sliver of the universe which is by its nature without limits. This universal limitlessness is what has allowed the entire evolution of every star and planet. Every idea could be explored somewhere, and all experiences of living could be catered to. You chose to learn to about yourselves while wearing a blindfold that left you lonely and separate from one another. The true you is not a tiny being existing in isolation, it is a being that is part of a greater whole. The Woodhenge workshops were designed to return you to experiencing your true self as part of a greater whole.

This group of people were able to sit in the centre of the circle and dissolve the barriers between themselves (with our angelic help.) At the point when all barriers were removed they were cushioned by the love and unity of humanity and they became one energetically. Maybe you think this sounds scary, but no one wanted to leave the circle and have it come to an end. But by then Woodhenge was no longer needed. By dropping their walls of separation they were able to become whole, and find their identity as part of a greater soul. The veil that hides you from yourself is the veil that keeps you smaller than you really are.

This love and support of the entire soul is what you experience after dying. It is returning home, and the reality of your existence is that people are often reluctant to return to Earth. “Not again! Oh all right, if it’s for the best” and there they are again as a newborn baby. Inside Woodhenge it is possible to experience life after death while you are still alive. In death there is comfort and unity, and wisdom. Life after death is softening your barriers and becoming one, until the next time you choose forgetfulness and walk the Earth.

Archangel Michael

We arrived at Woodhenge to find the space between the circles and the distant trees packed with higher dimensional beings, and the energy running at a much higher level than usual inside. The spaces in between us were filled with disincarnate humans helping us form our smaller ring in the centre – and the light grew between us until we were in the human soul group with its sparkles, light and colours. Our work contributed light to the soul in the vibration of hope. Leaving the ring afterwards was similar to after a Reiki initiation where the air sparkles and everything is so clear. I was lucky to have my group made up of Reiki people, who are used to working with the energy of light.

Lately the human soul has looked like a while balloon with black handprints on it. Adding light to the soul helps everyone.

Woodhenge workshops will resume in spring 2015. Please keep checking my calendar page or email me to be added to my mailing list for future workshops on the “contact me” page. I only email about workshops and dates, and if I publish a new book. Candace

There have been a few people inquiring about a crystal heating workshop, which is in development. (See articles, etc.) Please get in touch if you are interested in coming.

Portals To Earth

This article is part three following on from and

By the Archangel Melchizadek

It seems appropriate to mention here another type of portal, those that lead you into another dimension. These are fewer in number and they are scattered widely across the Earth’s surface. These are truly doorways, and allow higher dimensional beings to enter your planet’s energy fields. The portals are created by whomever wishes to use them.

The Blue Marble courtesy of NASA

In the distant past portals were not present on Earth, and humanity lived and learned in a game played on a shielded planet, but this ceased to be the case when the shield was damaged. Living experiences vary from planet to planet, and sometimes there can be a lot of coming and going of off-planet beings, but it is part of the original blueprint for those planetary games. In this game humanity opted for a sealed planet with no outsiders. You chose not to see the higher dimensions, and did not wish any interference from any beings you could not sense or see.

Going back to our books Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis (see and ) where we wrote about the original plans for humanity on Earth, we mentioned the flaws in the contract between humanity and Earth. This created energy around the planet that was not cohesive, containing many weak points, and this allowed portals to be slipped through the dimensions without being discovered. They have been a source of great harm to you. To counteract, some portals also go to benign dimensions, but the majority lead to dimensions of darkness.

From time to time these dark ones have been closed down but their makers always find a way to reopen many of them, usually at the spot where the old portals were the most robust. Antarctica is the largest of the dark portals, S. Africa, the eastern Alps, Ukraine, Middle East, southern tip of India, NW China, the sea in the centre of the Indonesian islands, Peru, and New York City spreading west through Ohio are many of these. The portals of light are situated over NW Europe, Egypt, NW India, S China and SE Asian countries, Amazon basin, Northern Mexico, and a damaged one at Athabasca River, Canada. All of these portals are many miles across. (These are the ones I can see right now. Please don’t take this as a complete list, but these are many of the largest portals. Candace)

The effect of these portals has been to allow interference in your game here. Your progress has been delayed and your growth stunted, and it’s made it harder for you to reach ascension as a soul group and live with love. There is one way you can neutralise any portal to a dark dimension and that is to support each other every time you see anyone act from love. Be more vocal, sing their praises, repeat the good news and stories about love and kindness. A large number of you open minor portals straight into your homes through your TV’s with murders and acts of violence in entertainment and news. Many of you know this already – think of TV, computer or smart ,phone as an open window where whatever you watch streams straight into your presence. It changes you as you watch, each time you watch. Portals to the dark dimensions do not harm those who armour themselves in love.