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Mozart’s Music

By Candace.

I went to see an opera by Mozart in the Royal Opera House last week, and thought I would take a look around to see where Mozart (an ascended master) was during the performance. He was present as a lovely big ball of energy even larger than that large theatre, and he held us all in his energy for the evening. I asked him if he liked the modern productions, but he said “it’s all about the music”. And then I saw that he was the music, that without his continuing energy the music would not have been there that night. Each line of music is part of Mozart; a thread of light that is not visible, but audible – it’s what you can hear. He is a soul who continues to exist after death, and we are in touch with him by hearing his music, we connect with him through sound. To go to a live performance is to be immersed in the music he wrote, and blend with his energy. I thought about how he made me feel and it was fizzy and sparkling and happy. That’s why people go to hear his music in live performances.

Mozart c. 1780

I asked Mozart about his recorded music, where his music continues to give people pleasure as they listen. It lacks the full immersion of the live performance and the considerable energy of people performing for you in person, but you are in contact with a being who took music and inserted light into the notes. It is a reminder of the beauty to be found in music. If you would like to understand this further, play some pre-Mozart and post-Mozart music. Listening to Mozart brings light into your soul with minimal effort, it’s a lovely gift.

©Candace Caddick

Ebola, the Hidden Truth?

By Candace

I’m a clairaudient channel, and when I tune into a life form I can find the part of myself that is the same as that life, and then talk to it. There should be no exceptions, and as a very curious person I am able to talk to many, many life forms of the plant and animal kingdom. For instance, it is how I know that insects are so cheerful and optimistic. However, among all the viruses on the planet, there are a very few that have no voice. Ebola, HIV, swine flu, Lyme disease – how can they exist without a voice?

Planet Earth Today

Planet Earth Today

In the first book I wrote, Planet Earth Today, there is a description by the Archangel Arial of an assembled life form deep in the mines of Atlantis (I had to watch this, it was horrible):

“There was the grafting of body parts together from various species to see what kind of new animal they could make; as if the original animals had no consciousness to be abused! Would the animal live afterwards, or die? Some human/animal grafting took place also, of all kinds and descriptions. The stylised illustrations from ancient Egypt of their Gods were a far cry from the reality of these experiments. There was so much callousness towards the lives dismembered and put together “just to see if they live”, and if they would make a new sort of useful slave. One slave they created stood tall, at almost two metres, with a body similar to a wolf spider but with the huge powerful shoulders of a man. There were eight powerful arms that each ended in a human hand. This creature lived in the heat at the bottom of a mine where his power and dexterity allowed him to handle the ropes and levers like a living machine. Surrounded by humans he bellowed his confusion and pain, he had no idea why he was made like this or treated in this way. When people create a child they treat it with love, but these poor creatures were never given love and respect by their creators. These people should never have created these forms of life. We could see by this more than in any other way that Atlanteans had lost their ability to live and act with love and respect. Rest in peace all those created during those last days.”

If viruses are being assembled in a lab as the beginning steps in learning how to manufacture useful life forms, then they will have no voice. If these killer viruses are then found in Africa or an isolated pig pen in Mexico, then I suspect they arrived as part of an experiment using the local populations as guinea pigs. The reaction of western governments is to throw tax money at the drug companies to protect us from these viruses, at the rate of about one new scare a year. If you follow the money, the people who are profiting here are the big pharmaceutical companies.

I have confidence in my ability to channel life, and the fact that only these viruses are silent, yet obviously alive, makes me doubt their naturals origins.

©Candace Caddick

Death Recedes

By Azreal, the Archangel of Death.

Fear of death and death are two separate things. You all know that your body will die, yet it is greatly feared by almost all of you. Death is no more than a continuation of life in spirit form, or life without a physical body. They are two different ways of being alive, and you’re still you, a soul of light.

Manavgat Waterfall

Think of the many deaths that fill your world, from bacteria to insects to plants and animals. Your world was made for this cycle of life and death, it is part of the framework for physical life here, and one of the basic ground rules. It has a purpose, and for humanity that purpose is rest and renewal of spirit. Your spirit needs a rest and opportunity to consider it’s lifetime on Earth before it is ready to start a new life again. A body can be exhausted, a mind tired-out with thinking, and the soul needs a break in order to draw all the lessons together from life. Life is a whirlwind of activity, and death is rest and peace for as long as necessary.

Who needs the most rest after life? Those who never found a way to live in alignment with their original purpose in being on Earth. That is the most tiring way to live, because it brings less joy. If you align yourself with your passion, your interests and your location you will enjoy your life more, with less stress and discomfort. It’s possible for everyone to live this way, unless a choice is made that takes your life away from joy.

Death is natural and beneficial, while fear is damaging to the planet and soul. Of all the life on your planet only humanity clings on beyond comfort and health. It is safe to accept death.

I watched the poppy wreaths being laid for Armistice Day at the local war memorial, and opened a conduit of light focusing on the removing fear of death. After a while there was a shattering of energy, like a stone thrown through a glass window. First the energy changes, then the physical follows. Candace

©Candace Caddick

Next Six Months to Spring 2015

by Archangel Melchizadek.

You may have a bumpy ride this winter as the energy wavers and picks up speed. Picture a rocket blasting off in Cape Canaveral. It struggles and strains and pushes against the atmosphere, and accelerates straight up into the sky. You are living on a planet that was reborn in 2012, and is just like this rocket, building up speed into its own future. It is steamrolling ahead, unstoppable.

Deep Impact rocket courtesy of NASA

Where do you want to fit into this scenario? Do you want to be standing back waving goodbye, riding on the rocket, or getting blown over by the energy of the blast-off? The volatile energy we see this winter is the result of the planet taking off into it’s next phase. To grab a seat on Rocket Earth you need to rejoin her, focus on her needs and strengths and play your part in all of life here. She takes those who love her in the first-class seats.

©Candace Caddick