Next Six Months to Spring 2015

by Archangel Melchizadek.

You may have a bumpy ride this winter as the energy wavers and picks up speed. Picture a rocket blasting off in Cape Canaveral. It struggles and strains and pushes against the atmosphere, and accelerates straight up into the sky. You are living on a planet that was reborn in 2012, and is just like this rocket, building up speed into its own future. It is steamrolling ahead, unstoppable.

Deep Impact rocket courtesy of NASA

Where do you want to fit into this scenario? Do you want to be standing back waving goodbye, riding on the rocket, or getting blown over by the energy of the blast-off? The volatile energy we see this winter is the result of the planet taking off into it’s next phase. To grab a seat on Rocket Earth you need to rejoin her, focus on her needs and strengths and play your part in all of life here. She takes those who love her in the first-class seats.

©Candace Caddick