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Getting Ready for 2015

By the Archangel Melchizadek

Some of you will have noticed the acceleration occuring in your lives last year. If you were passengers on a train, that train would be speeding up, and this is how it feels to be on a planet that was reborn in 2012. The Earth is increasing her vibration and she is doing it slowly enough to take humanity along for the ride.

One of the most important things you can do right now is to adjust to the increasing speed of change. We are aware that those of you who chose to live on the new Earth will be feeling the changes, and they will not feel slow at all to you. But they are as slow as the Earth can make them. The majority of people who did not choose light will find life very much as usual. They are not tuned into the planet, and do not notice the increase in speed that is affecting everything here. Those people will begin to notice the changes that are out of their control in the next few years, and start to wonder what is happening! But still they will not look to the Earth and remain bewildered by events.

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2015 will be a year of choppy energy, with bumps and dips making it hard for you to keep going in a straight path. It also contains a major energy event at the end of March, which we will write about later. If you were aware of stormy weather coming, what steps would you take to stay dry? This will be planetary stormy weather, and there will be steps for you to take to go steadily ahead with your lives. For now we recommend daily Reiki treatments for those of you who do Reiki, as they will help you keep pace with the rate of change. For others – use whichever healing modality you usually practice. This are exciting times, the beginning of real movement forward for humanity. Don’t worry, change will be good.

The Archangels want to do a little series of articles on the 2015 energy. I have discovered that people can subscribe to my articles by clicking to leave a comment and then a box pops up to subscribe. After that the articles are automatically emailed to you. You could leave a comment (please), but I suspect you could skip that part. I do read and reply to comments with great pleasure.

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