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From the Old Earth to the New

Michael, Archangel of the Earth

The Earth is travelling away from her old incarnation. She will leave behind the old, discarded energy of what she once was, and will go forward with only the new energy she has created for herself. Between Dec. 2012 and now there has been two energetic Earths, one overlaying the other. One can look out a window and see two trees flickering in and out of sight, or a building with a double outline. The double outline is very noticeable now, as the new is rising away from the old.

Avebury Stone Circle and Henge

Once she is clear of the old Earth, she will power away steadily into her future. Those of you who chose to ride her will find that everything will go smoothly forward: all your own plans, the seasons, the trade winds, the ocean waves. Make one hand into a fist, and put your second hand on top of it, squeezing tightly. Now drag the top hand away. At first it moves slowly until the point comes when it releases and moves away quickly; that is what the two Earths are doing right now. The movement and energy are all with the new, and the old one stops and retires with its job complete.

If you are on the old Earth by choice your life will continue without the gift of a living planet under your feet. If you are on the new Earth you will live on a young and vibrant planet. Because you are all guests of Earth, and she is not a vicious planet, all will live their lives to the end in close proximity to each other, but their experience of life will begin to diverge. The old Earth residents will be powerless, unless you give them your power – and why would you do that?

One of the final steps to power up the Earth’s ascent will be to reactivate Avebury stone circle. The new power lines are in place that connect it to other pieces of its “machinery”. It is designed to spin like a flywheel and throw energy down these lines. The boost from this activation will provide the final push. Once that is complete the energy will flow through a young planet without hindrance and the old planet will drop away. The separation occurs sometime near the spring equinox.

I have sorted the details, I just need humans on the ground to do the work.


I am running an Avebury workshop on the 7th March to spin the stone circle and be Michael’s ‘humans on the ground to do the work’. People will need to have been on one of my previous Avebury workshops and been attuned by the stones before being able to play a part. If you would like to attend on the 7th, but have not already done a workshop, I am doing two more beforehand on the 31st Jan or 28th Feb. Places are available, please see my calendar page at and contact me at

Timelines Divide in March

By Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth

The moment you’ve been looking forward to is almost here, the day when the new Earth pulls itself free of the old Earth. What does that mean for Earth, and for you?

And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw a New Earth

In Dec. 2012, the Earth was reborn into a new 26,000-year-long cycle of life. She was over-laid on the old Earth and has been slowly moving apart for the last two years. Many of you may have been tired lately due to the increase in energy, as Earth raises her vibration to break free. It’s as if the new Earth is blasting off to escape the gravity of old Earth, just like a space shot at Cape Canaveral.

Another way to visualize this separation is to think of a human embryo at the point where it is dividing to become twins. First there was a simple ball, it becomes two halves with a line down the centre, and in the end it divides and two embryos exist side by side. The new Earth will move forward and the old Earth will remain stationary.

This will affect you in two different ways. Those of you on the new Earth will live in a world of colour, animals and vibrant life. Those who did not choose to come over will live on an Earth that is increasingly black and white, quiet and empty, but they will not notice. If some of you are looking at colourful fireworks in the sky on the new Earth, the few that are old Earth would see nothing if they looked up. But they won’t look up. C.S. Lewis illustrates this perfectly in The Last Battle with the behaviour of the black dwarfs.

I wrote the following explanation in And I Saw A New Earth in 2012: “You are embarking on years of differentiation, where some of you walk steadily uphill on an easy path towards the light, while others plod along below never realizing that everything has changed….one day in the future there will only be people walking gently on an uphill path and the road below will no longer exist.”

This is a follow-on to If you want to change comfortably, be sure to practice your Reiki, meditation, or other self-healing daily. You are going to be changing rapidly every day right now.

In my latest book (almost complete!), the Archangels go into a thorough explanation of how this split will affect a person’s soul after death. It is too long an explanation for one of these articles.

©Candace Caddick

January’s Avebury Workshop

By Candace.

I held my first Avebury workshop of the year last Saturday (Jan. 10), and a group of us turned out to start our journey through 2015 – with healing and inspiration from the stone circle. The wind and cold didn’t matter, it was just part of being there outside for the day.

Avebury courtesy National Trust

We were all given either a message, a gift, or homework by stones chosen by each of us individually, all of which are living conduits for the love we are held in by the universe. The day was meant to give each one of us something to take away to build on and grow.

There are spaces left on the next two workshops on 31 Jan and 28 Feb. ( you are interested in coming. Please read to read an account of one participant’s experience!

©Candace Caddick

Leaping Forward in Reiki

By Candace

I looked ahead on my own timeline to see when the bounces are likely to arrive for me. One was due in early January. When I wrote about these last in the last article, , I have to confess that I was thinking of my outer life; career, writing, income. When the first opportunity to go forward arrived it was the chance to go deeper into Reiki by working more regularly with someone new. As soon as I began arranging some Reiki swaps I knew this was a big opportunity for me, that this was the leap forward I was anticipating.

I was initiated as a Reiki Master by Phyllis Lei Furumoto, who watches carefully to see when her master-candidates are ready, and when they have “mastered” Reiki. I was initiated and found that my learning process accelerated, and that being a Master was just a new phase. In the first leap of 2015 I’ll be learning more about Reiki, expanding on the lessons I’ve learned with other people.

Do angels give you money or prestige? They will help guide you to give yourself money and prestige, but they do not value money at all. They value love and happiness, and leaps that take you towards these are far more likely than any towards money. There are so many things of value in the universe, and setting money as the only marker is terribly limiting.

Be ready for any opportunity.

©Candace Caddick

The New Energy of 2015

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I am the Archangel Melchizadek, and I form the bridge between the world you live in and the place of the infinite, the timeless and endless source of creation. 2015 holds some of the stardust of this place of creativity, sprinkled liberally on your planet Earth this coming year. Anytime you have a healthy measure of stardust and creativity you will live through accelerated change.

Happy 2015!

This new year contains enough jump-start energy to jolt you into a new life or new achievements on a personal and planetary scale. It is as if you are one of those people in a hospital drama who is brought back to life through a jolt of electricity to the heart. Those people have a second chance and you can have a push in exactly the same way. It’s an opportunity for you to live with intention and focus on what makes you happy.

For those of you (and it won’t be everyone who chooses this) who have a goal in sight, this year’s energy will come in large enough waves to catch you and lift you higher, to the crest of the next wave, and the one after that. The energy is here to allow many of you to make progress, to make it to where you originally chose to be, and where you need to be at the end of 2015. You are placing yourselves in position on a giant game board, and you will be ready to make your moves in a coming year. You will be able to do this if you pay attention and say to yourselves “I think this is one of those opportunities to jump ahead, I’d better grab it.” Everyone will have different chances. Some people will continue to walk slowly and steadily and finish the year no further along than they are today. Imagine someone leaping up stairs three at a time, compared to the person who takes each step by step.

The stardust of creativity helps each individual to create their lives. When you need an opening or opportunity you will create it for yourself, and the 2015 energy will enhance and facilitate the experience and make it easy. You came to Earth and you read our writings because you chose to play a game where you make a difference. Jumps can be scary and risky, but we’ll catch you. This is your year to leap across the game board and be standing exactly where you need to be to enter 2016. This could be a really fun year for you all.


©Candace Caddick