The New Energy of 2015

By the Archangel Melchizadek

I am the Archangel Melchizadek, and I form the bridge between the world you live in and the place of the infinite, the timeless and endless source of creation. 2015 holds some of the stardust of this place of creativity, sprinkled liberally on your planet Earth this coming year. Anytime you have a healthy measure of stardust and creativity you will live through accelerated change.

Happy 2015!

This new year contains enough jump-start energy to jolt you into a new life or new achievements on a personal and planetary scale. It is as if you are one of those people in a hospital drama who is brought back to life through a jolt of electricity to the heart. Those people have a second chance and you can have a push in exactly the same way. It’s an opportunity for you to live with intention and focus on what makes you happy.

For those of you (and it won’t be everyone who chooses this) who have a goal in sight, this year’s energy will come in large enough waves to catch you and lift you higher, to the crest of the next wave, and the one after that. The energy is here to allow many of you to make progress, to make it to where you originally chose to be, and where you need to be at the end of 2015. You are placing yourselves in position on a giant game board, and you will be ready to make your moves in a coming year. You will be able to do this if you pay attention and say to yourselves “I think this is one of those opportunities to jump ahead, I’d better grab it.” Everyone will have different chances. Some people will continue to walk slowly and steadily and finish the year no further along than they are today. Imagine someone leaping up stairs three at a time, compared to the person who takes each step by step.

The stardust of creativity helps each individual to create their lives. When you need an opening or opportunity you will create it for yourself, and the 2015 energy will enhance and facilitate the experience and make it easy. You came to Earth and you read our writings because you chose to play a game where you make a difference. Jumps can be scary and risky, but we’ll catch you. This is your year to leap across the game board and be standing exactly where you need to be to enter 2016. This could be a really fun year for you all.


©Candace Caddick