What To Expect From The Shifts Ahead

By Archangel Michael

In approximately one month your timelines will divide, and it is unimaginable to you right now to know what to expect. In the past you have travelled on lines that took sudden turns in unexpected directions, but you did not permit your own timeline to divide into two separate experiences. We are interested in the proportion of you that are moving forward towards the light.

Full speed ahead

Many of you will find that your new world is alive in a way you never dreamed possible, and you will find your houses devoid of life and a less desirable place to spend time. Your focus will shift to enjoying life more, and you will crave being outside like the other inhabitants of Earth. This is the beginning of the migration away from the cities, as they just won’t make you feel alive anymore. The trees and plants will be filled with energy, the ground will support you as you walk gently bouncing each footstep ahead. You don’t realise it, but you will return to the Earth as you met her in the earliest days of humanity here.

Who’s left in the cities? The other proportion of humanity on the other timeline, those not walking forward into the light. These people will never notice the world the rest of you are discovering.

When humanity looks back about thirty years from now, it will see March 2015 as the time when the big changes began.

©Candace Caddick

2 thoughts on “What To Expect From The Shifts Ahead

  1. candace Post author

    Hi Janet, that’s very interesting. Everything works together to drive us forward, and all we have to do is go along with what’s happening.

  2. janet

    There is a solar eclipse on the day of the spring equinox 20th March 2015. I researched all the way back to 1800 to find another one but this seems to be the first time in a very long time with 3 more to follow. With 2072 being the finale. This is clearly a momentous event now.

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