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Woodhenge 3

By the Archangels Michael.

A group of us have been finding out how much a person can grow by using the site of Woodhenge in Wiltshire. We met there again last Saturday as old friends, ready to see what the next step would be for Woodhenge 3. These workshops are channelled by Archangel Michael, who uses the special space of Woodhenge to take us further in our understanding of who we are.


Greetings on a beautiful spring day! We angels are here, but we do not feel the warmth of the sun or smell the blossoms on the breeze. You have to have a body to experience all these good things the Earth gives to you.

I have been assisting a group of humans grow, and how fast they have grown is astonishing to me. We angels have witnessed millennia of slow or no-growth, and here you had the ability to increase your knowledge quickly all the time! At these workshops I cue the attendees with meditations, then in the centre of the Woodhenge circle they do the work. Each time they meet they are able to take more steps into who they really are, and who they are as human beings on Earth. By the end of this workshop they were all seeing the same visions at the same time, and sending up a signal of human evolution that could be read across the galaxy – as you are all capable of doing. The reason I draw them to Woodhenge to work is that it is a special space of no limits, and it allows people to learn without any confusing Earthly veils.

They have learned that they are one, and experienced being one together. Humanity is one soul, and before you ascend together you will have to learn and understand this. If you have trouble with the concept, if you’ve heard teachers say “We are all one” and have not internalised it, then this is a way to learn this in your lifetime. There are a few more steps to ascension, but this is the largest human stumbling block. If you really knew you were one, would you hurt another person?

Woodhenge was designed to provide this kind of space to learn in, and I am glad to see it being put to use by people again.

I run these workshops as I have been taught by my guides, and open the higher dimensional gateway to use the site. I don’t think a stroll around as a tourist will yield the same results. Members of this group immediately started visiting other circles and opening portals into the higher dimensions, which I was thrilled to hear. We have seen huge changes in our lives. If you are interested in one of these workshops the next one is on 16 May when I start again with a new group. Candace – contact me!

┬ęCandace Caddick

How to Spin a Stone Circle

By the Archangel Michael.

This article follows on from the previous one,

Swinside, Circle, Cumbria UK

A few words on starting any stone circle spinning. They are fluid, higher dimensional structures that you see as standing stones in a flat circle. Spherical in shape, they spin with each dimension spinning in a slightly different directions. This keeps the balls spinning in one place, instead of travelling across the landscape with the energy, or the dimensions becoming seperated. They are dynamos, receiving energy and driving it outwards.

The stones that make up each circle govern each one. In order to help these stones it is necessary to become part of the stone circle yourself by accepting the energy gift given to those who come and work with them. As part of the circle one is helped to become completely grounded, and feel the Earth’s energy rise over your head. From the position of being under the Earth’s energy surface it is possible to slot yourself into the circle and begin to pull it along. You are a stone within a circle, and you start walking, taking the whole circle with you energetically. Following as closely as you can to the line of the stones, walk counter-clockwise.

Did it turn? Does it feel like the energy has picked up and changed? Can you see a difference in the light coming from the circle?

It’s possible that you do not see the stones move around in a circle, but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the circle is stationary. There will be three dimensions quiet, and nine moving. The Earth responds to the movement.

When a few of us started the large circle of Avebury moving, it felt like we had thick belts around our waists and were pulling a heavy load behind. It also felt like the perfect pathway would have been to climb over each stone and stay exactly in line with them. A few people joined in remotely with those of us who were present, and they were able to walk in the exact line of stones. Candace

┬ęCandace Caddick