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What’s It’s Like Inside Stonehenge?

By Candace Caddick.

Last Saturday was my long-awaited date inside Stonehenge Circle, a place that is only open to those who pre-book a spot months in advance. I arranged to take a group into the middle on a beautiful May evening, and we went in through the higher dimensional gateway to the circle. Walking under the first set of stones was like going into a separate place, similar to walking through a mansion into a different room. There was enough energy coming up from the ground inside to make my hair feel like it was standing on end.



The Earth energy begins to be felt once inside the circular ditch surrounding the stones, but once we were inside Stonehenge the stones seemed even larger through holding so much energy in their bodies. They clarified the energy rising from the ground and held it inside the circle. Depending on where I stood inside the circle there was a different view, and each of these was showing a doorway into somewhere else.


mushroom water fountain

Stonehenge is where the Earth’s shield emerges from the core, and it appeared like one of those water fountains that looks like a mushroom (picture). We changed the flow to a spiral, and as the threads spiral out every being or object is caught and woven into the shield, involving all of us now in the energy shield of the Earth. The old mushroom shape looked so simple in comparison, and suitable for a three dimensional world. The new, more complex shield works better on a planet evolving to a higher level.

I’m looking forward to being in there again in September. There’s one place left on the day if anyone is interested.

©Candace Caddick

Reiki Experiment To Try At Home

By Candace.

I heard about an experiment where an apple is sliced in half, the two halves are sealed in plastic bags and then one half has Reiki for ten minutes a day. Because I was taking a stand giving Reiki treatments at a holistic fair, I thought this could be something on my stall illustrating why I do Reiki. My object was to test the difference between the person who self-treats every day, and someone who does not.

At the beginning of the experiment.

I sliced an organic apple and put the two halves in labelled bags, and sat with one of the halves and Reiki’d it for thirty minutes until I felt I could put it down. For the next two days I gave it ten minutes a day. Then I missed two days, and when I came back to the apple the two halves were both light brown. I thought about my Reiki stand, and decided to not take the apple or do any more Reiki on the good half.

By the day of the fair (day nine), I had one half that was light brown, and one that was multi-coloured and decayed. Rotten fruit is not a good look, so I left the apples at home. I’ve been thinking about them since that day, and here’s what I learned:

  1. Reiki an injury quickly for best results, the effect was noticeable.
  2. Reiki made a very visible difference to the apple, which helps because we have a problem seeing its affect inside our bodies.
  3. Take photos if I ever try it again.

Mrs. Takata said a little Reiki is better than no Reiki, and I believe my apple has shown exactly that!

©Candace Caddick

With thanks to Reiki Masters Ian Jarvis and Jan Robinson for the idea.

Follow Up to Last Week’s Election Energy

By the Archangelic Collective.

Last week the UK elections produced a result that looks like stability and little change in the way the country is governed. This does not take into account the present and coming energy of change that we described. The background to the term of the next government is the increasingly bumpy energy, meant to produce change. The ultimate result (sometime in the future) is a more responsive government to the people of the country, where there is light in every act of parliament. These are the years of change and adjustment, and they will happen as people allow the energy to flow through their lives.

©Candace Caddick

Election Energy 2015

By the Archangelic Collective – (looking particularly cheerful today about this subject!)

Most of you are aware that tomorrow’s election in the UK is taking place in a maelstrom of unsettled energy. When the votes are counted you will be looking at a result that is uncertain and incomplete. This energy is about the election, but more than that – it is about how you govern yourselves. It is the starting point for serious thought, a focus for dissatisfaction and ultimately reform. The energy will be like a rough road, where even the most expensive car will bounce the passengers along. After a while the road will become more and more extreme, and the people inside the car will be thrown around and their heads will hit the ceiling and their false teeth fall on the floor. Do you change roads? Stop the car and walk away? There will be choices to be made.

The role of energy in this is to apply heat and make you squirm until you resolve what is wrong in the way you are governed. This is about the large, overarching establishment of government that sits on top of a nation. In the end we hope you will make it hear the voices of the people, and find a way of making it responsive to their needs.

You are living through interesting and changing times!

The gusty wind today is a physical manifestation of the underlying energy of change.

©Candace Caddick

Waves of Colour

By the Green Man.

I’ve been working with the Green Man all week as he is channelling my bluebell workshop on May 4th. He has so much interesting information about the world we live in, about bluebells, and about those elementals who visit them.

Bluebell Woods

Many of you will have noticed the waves of colour in the springtime, from the white of the snowdrops, the yellow daffodils, to the bluebells and forget-me-nots. There is a reason for this, and it starts with the sleepiness of winter.

In temperate climates the winters lack colour, and are full of white, grey and black. You often enjoy this quietness and the lack of vibrant colour. Colours have vibrations, and these are removed from your environment in the winter while you turn your attention inwards to remember who you are and why you are here. This provides an opportunity to start the new year from a position of strength and self-knowledge. When the first flowers appear they are white and soft green and your gaze is drawn outwards to where there is only a small amount of colour. The Earth is softly nudging you to look up and out.

The next few flowers are the gentle pastels colours in the woodlands, leading up to the yellow flowers. The affect of yellow on you is to shake you awake. The yellow flowers vibrate at a rate that works on you a little like an alarm clock, whether you can see them or not. Now you’re feeling awake!

Then we come to the wave of blue, present at this time in the woodlands and hedgerows. Why blue? The colour blue is your spiritual wake up call, cleansing your spirit body and making it easier to use your third eye. The third eye responds to the shades of spring blue, and brings you closer to the rest of life on the planet. If you allow this to happen to you by spending time with blue flowers, you will strengthen your ties to other life here.

The following wave is spring green as the leaves emerge. This green is a go-ahead colour, it stimulates you to get moving a bit more quickly, to spend your days alert and active. The weather is a good temperature for movement and planting seeds or making plans for the year. When the green deepens in summer the momentum fades and you are ready to move more slowly in the heat, and to enjoy life. The flowers are no longer pastels, but richer and stronger colours. These primary colours are strong in the sunlight, and wrap you in many layers of vibration.

In the autumn the colours are fading and you are beginning to look inward again, getting ready for winter. Looking inward is as important as sleeping every night, and the Earth helps you to do this by providing the right colours at the right time. Science has made discoveries about how the eye perceives colour, but I am speaking about the affect of colour on your energy bodies.

©Candace Caddick