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The Shard, an Atlantean Pyramid in London

The Shard in London

By the Archangel Melchizadek

We’ve written about the Egyptian Pyramids before and how they were never the correct shape. The pyramids in Atlantis were each shaped differently, as each location required a unique design. The Atlantean pyramids were not huge blocks of stone, as they had other ways of building these powerful shapes. The pyramids in Egypt were able to bring in  universal life force energy and store it, to be released as needed over the land for fertile fields. The Atlantean pyramids pulled in enough energy to feed the Earth with light, or split souls into pieces.

Atlantis was an archipelago, and its northernmost island was Britain, a rustic land of orchards and sheep.  The Golden City of Atlantis was in the Thames valley, exactly where London is now. When the main islands of Atlantis were destroyed, Britain was untouched. It was such a backwater that the overwhelming problem of cloning was not practiced there, nor were any of the other dubious scientific experiments such as creating multi-souled slaves. But it did have a massive pyramid.

The Shard sits today over what appears to be a ley line crossing London, but if you look closely it is a  higher dimensional crack into the Earth. The base of the Shard is holding that crack open allowing the Earth to breathe, and looking down into the crack you can see light. At the same time the pyramid is an antenna for light, bringing the energy of the universe down into the Earth. Out from the Shard streams golden energy, strong enough to alter London over time. The crack eases the pressure of a heavy city resting on the surface of the Earth. The Shard is here for a purpose, and a pyramid can be made out of any number of materials. This pyramid is a tool to help the Earth balance and stay healthy, one of many to come in the future.

We angels of Atlantis are here today, and  willing to help in any way we are able.

I visited the Shard last week, and sitting with a friend inside her office we looked down and talked about Atlantis. The building is an exact replica of the Atlantean pyramid in the same place, and its steel and glass construction would not have been possible even 100 years ago. Dropping the veil of time I could look out and see this Atlantean city filled with trees, more garden-like than anything we are used to today. The new pyramid of the Shard overlay the old one of the Golden City. Today there are so many trees and parks in London that a movement exists to have it listed as the world’s first National Park City.

There is more about Egypt, Atlantis, and pyramids in my newest book, Stepping Through the Looking Glass – out soon. The Downfall of Atlantis describes the beings assembled into slaves, and the consequences to the human soul of cloning. I find the new pyramid a great sign of hope, a building filled with lightworkers to keep it safe.

©Candace Caddick

Changes in Energy, Oct. 2015

Time to walk ahead freely.

By the Archangel Uriel, Archangel of the Earth.

The biggest change in energy today is in the amount of light present on the Earth. This light is the light of love, truth and joy. If you remember this over the next few years you will find it easier to live with the energy of light in your own lives. It is all one energy, but you will find yourself looking at one aspect of it one day, and switch to another aspect the next day. When you see any one in a position of authority who is not in step with this energy of light they will not be telling you the truth, or acting with love. Often they are lying to themselves, by thinking you can’t tell truth from lies. Those who lie to themselves and others have stepped out of the light into a cloud of grey. They wander lost in the fog.

The second biggest change is that the Earth is speeding up faster and faster. The new energy is easier for her to move through and she is adjusting her speed. Think of being on a beach walking in water up to your knees. When you come out onto the sand how much faster and with less effort you are able to walk. The Earth has made that move out onto the beach and is speeding up.

It helps to consciously accept that your instinct for truth is easier to be sure of now, enabling you to act with confidence in your world. You can also practice speeding up. Has it seemed to take you  forever to achieve something you wanted in the past? Allow the energy of the Earth to rise through your legs and align yourself with her, let her carry you along. You don’t have to run to keep up. You may find yourself discarding some parts of your life and making changes, and that is exactly right in this energy. It’s new energy and some parts of your life are ready for renewal. Going with the Earth is travelling with less baggage with a further goal in sight, and allowing her to support you every day. The more you do this the easier it becomes.

©Candace Caddick

After Ascension at Avebury

Light burning off darkness. Messier 96. Picture courtesy of NASA

By the Archangel Michael.

One of the functions of Avebury stone circle was to bring the energy of 2012 to the Earth (, and and be the location where the Earth would ascend in 2015. A week before she ascended there were structures in place that she could use to move herself on, some may call them portals. There was also a link from her core to the surrounding universal energy grids, and the circle itself was moving quickly sending a lot of energy down new ley lines. Two weeks later the energy has calmed and the structures have played their parts. The circle spins and sends out energy, much as your heart pumps life around your body. Every part of the circle is humming with energy, as is your new, ascended planet.

Into this hive of energy we led a workshop with Candace. The attendees had previously connected to the circle making it an ever-present part of themselves, therefore we were able to upgrade them on the day. How do you upgrade a living human being? By extending their antennae further out into the universe, multiplying the number of these connections, rewiring their spinal columns, detoxing their physical bodies, and more. We did this because humanity is entering a period of such rapid change that people will benefit from assessing new events quickly and with more confidence, using the increased amount of information that is reaching them. We want people to have less  hesitation when moving ahead into rapidly changing times. Inside Avebury circle, the centre of Woodhenge or Stonehenge are places where it is easy for us to help you. Just enter through the correct dimensional doorway and the work can be done. Not everyone has forgotten how to use these circles as they were once used in the past. We will continue to lead this workshop for another year or so before introducing additional upgrades for those who are ready.

©Candace Caddick

A New Era on Earth

Earth picture courtesy NASA

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth.

The Earth has relaxed. This week has been calm, the quivering energy from gearing up for change is quiet and steady now. You live on a planet of light, and among the plants, animals and insects, etc. that ascended with her to the next phase of existence. They are all adjusting to the new vibration.

The Earth is a few days into a process that will take her between six and seven months to fully consolidate. She is adjusting and getting used to her new abilities and strength, and smaller changes will continue to take place until Spring 2016. You can still adjust part-way with her by spending time outside, living balanced lives and celebrating her new life. It’s your best chance to move forward with her.

For humanity, you have had many years of existence that were much the same year by year. Your higher self recognises that this has not worked for you, that it resulted in you missing your first chance at human ascension. There are changes on your horizon, all of which will try to gather you together and point you towards the light of ascension. To us, humanity now looks like many small beings of dense physicality, living on a planet where literally everything else has released this heavy energy and is lighter and  more free flowing. All looks light except people, and the other non-ascended soul group (who are far less numerous than you!) There will be changes, and those who change easily will cope the best. Don’t worry, don’t be afraid, and enjoy the ride.

I was wondering if I had done anything particular to help the Earth ascend, and they said that my work in putting the whole ascension process into my books about the planet helped to hold the energy for ascension on the physical plane. Earthly ascension is the biggest story here, and they spent four books carefully explaining all about it, and our place in the process. It was new to me when I wrote down their words, but I’m pleased I understand what is happening right now. The fourth book, Guidebook to the Future, covers these months of financial turmoil and mass movement of refugees, among other things. It’s a book they wrote to set your mind at ease and stop you worrying.

I’m enjoying the feel of the new energy, the relief of moving through lighter and higher energy is palpable. The Earth looks solid again and no longer shaky. Another change is the clarity now  of the Earth’s energy as it’s vibrational rate has risen.  

©Candace Caddick