Reduce the Hatred

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth.

Syria is tearing itself apart. This is a part of you, par
t of all humanity and it’s been going on for a few years now. The effect it has on humans is stressful, like two of your fingers trying to destroy each other and then pretend that the winner will carry on as normal when in reality you are maimed. You  are all aware of this, whether you know it or not, and it is distressing to not be able to stop this or any war.  You are in pain.

There are those who are so detached from reality that they inflict pain and death on others and never feel their own hearts breaking. You who can feel this in your hearts are alive and in touch with what it means to live, and you can counteract the hate through your actions. You are all absolutely desperate to reduce the pain you are in, and you need to take action. Here are some actions that will change the situation: love all parts of yourself around the world, no matter how unfamiliar they are to you. You might think first of loving the refugees! But loving all parts of yourself include those who are doing the killing. If you allow your heart centres to open and open, letting the love dammed up inside you to spill forth, it will swirl away from you and change and displace the prevailing energy of fear and hate. It will modify those energies and weaken them. This is your first step because from this all others steps will flow: speaking up for peace, correcting misinformation and propaganda, physically offering help. These will start with a spark of love igniting the other actions.

For some opening your hearts may seem the hardest thing to do. The energy of love travels in an instant around the globe, and you can change the world by opening your hearts. Those who hesitate and feel the need to work slowly into this opening are holding the fear of having their tender hearts kicked and bruised. This has happened to each and every one of you in your past lives. You will need to be as determined to love as those wielding guns are to hurt, you will have to trust that this time you are safe, that love is the strongest energy on the planet – it’s just in short supply. If someone turns to you and says how can you love or pray for those who are doing the killing, will their words make you stop? You only need to smile and beg to disagree and love some more. The first time you don’t let anyone stop you, is the last time you will feel any fear of criticism. You will show yourself how strong you are.

Work together in groups and support each other while you learn new ways of healing the world. Love and heal yourselves as part of every session, help yourself get through difficult times. Opening your heart will be helped by compassion and imagining yourself in the lives of others. Inform yourselves so that you can picture these lives and what it would be like for you or your children if you were that person. Remember that you are all one.

Two years ago the Archangels wrote about Syria, about the energy of the Earth in that area. The people of the Middle East live above an area of tension, and it affects their societies.

©Candace Caddick