Christmas All Year Long

By the Archangel Gabriel.

At Christmas time we see people at their best, their faces turn up and outwards and their thoughts are on the many people they buy a present for, greet with a card, or wish “Happy Christmas or Season’s Greetings!” You are asked what you would like as a gift and you have to pull your attention back to yourself almost with an effort, for you are thinking only about others. You are thinking about what a person would like, what would make them happy to receive, what everyone would like to eat and you look forward to an enjoyable time. In the UK you have wisely stretched this winter feel-good holiday as long as you can, starting with parties in December right through to Boxing Day and lots of extra time off work until New Year!

Christmas sees you at your best, and it is your best time to remember that this is who you are all year long. You are generous, thoughtful, kind, laughing, singing, indulgent and social. You worry about the person who has no one to spend Christmas with. You really understand this holiday. It’s a holiday to show love to everyone, and live surrounded by the love of others.

Next year is a year of progress towards the light by taking back some control over how you live. We’re not saying any more about this, but it will be volatile and surprising, and when too much is said in advance it can distort what comes to pass. When you hear about unkind people and unkind actions remember that you are Christmas people all year long. Humans are kind and generous and loving to others, they are not horrible. Some actions are destructive, but the people doing them are the same on the inside as you are. Again, love thy enemies and watch the world calm down.  Special orders are not to worry about anything.

 ©Candace Caddick