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Prince, Victoria Wood and Celebrity Deaths

By the Archangel of Death.

There have been a number of well-known people who have already died in 2016 who are under the age of 70. You have become used to everyone living longer lives in recent years, so why are celebrities suddenly dying at 69 (David Bowie, Alan Rickman)? These are not the only people


dying in this age group, of course, but when you talk about the 60 year olds you are acquainted with it is not part of a widespread community conversation. Celebrities are people who belong to all of you. Unless a celebrity opts for total privacy, they represent an archetype of humanity and accept sharing themselves with others.

Since 2012 you’ve had the complete change in humanity between those who have chosen to go forward with the Earth, and those who did not. They are all human and act for humanity. When the first wave of those in their twenties began dying in 2013 it was to finish up and go, perhaps to return for another life. ( The people who had contact with that age group noticed their deaths. In 2015 and 2016 some in their late 60s began dying so that you would start to notice that a vast change was taking place. They were using their own deaths to draw attention to something important to humanity. They want to start people talking about death and it is important to understand how humanity relates to the Earth in order to know why you are here. You are here to learn about yourselves, who you are and where you come from and the Earth is your school.

This acceleration of dying, and the age creeping forward to even earlier years (Victoria Wood 62, Prince 57) is not an accident. All life here relies on the support of the planet and the people who died young did not have their feet on the Earth. They knew that their contribution to the greater human soul was diminished until they are reborn and have a solid presence here. They should be honoured for their ability to realise this on a higher level and act to help others again in the future.

We archangels wrote all about the changes in death (the Archangel of Death has a nice big section) on the new Earth in Stepping Through the Looking Glass. It is just one of the mirrors that each person will step through to another way of existing. The other mirrors in the book take you to the future of this planet and into further dimensions. You’re always alive, sometimes you have a body and sometimes you are just spirit.

“Stepping Through the Looking Glass” by Candace Caddick. Available online or from myself.

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