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The Crystal Consciousness

How well do you know crystals? This channeling by the crystal consciousness is to give you their point of view, to make their side of the human/crystal relationship more clear.

The crystal kingdom predates your arrival here by eons, we first appeared on this planet in our gaseous state on a ball of swirling gas that later became solid ground. The Earth at that time was in her first form, not as an immature planet but as an adult planet neither young nor old. We were the first lives here because we could exist here as gas, then cool alongside her into our separate forms. The father of crystals moved with the same ease you yourselves have when you move across the planet. We had our own game plan designed to  make the most of our time on Earth.

You see us on Earth in three dimensions because that is how you perceive your world.  We also exist on other planets in all twelve dimensions. We are actually in twelve dimensions here also, but you are only used to seeing three dimensions in your lives. This will change! You are changing and will one day see further than you do today.

In the distant past we were the first soul group to ascend on this planet and we faced a choice – to stay or go. We chose to stay with Earth living side by side with her beautiful soul in partnership. We are a team. In Atlantis we focused and channelled the energy of the Earth itself for the use of humans. We are clear and efficient channels of energy.

On Earth today we are re-emerging, coming closer to the surface. For a long time we stepped aside from the human game plan and stayed out of sight underground. The large crystals of Atlantis and the roles we played there have been discontinued until the time is right to show ourselves again. That time is not so far off now, we are awake and adjusting our locations. Some of us have withdrawn from previously held positions such as in Chicago.  We left Chicago in response to the needs of the Earth, not humankind. She needs to readjust herself physically. All is changing now in preparation for the new phase of the Earth’s existence.

All crystals are a part of the one crystal consciousness. Just as humans have divided their soul into seven billion splinters we have divided our physical presence into large and small crystals. The difference is that we chose to be 100% connected to each other in the way you are connected to your own fingers. You did not choose this same method to learn about who you are. If you share an experience with crystals on Earth today, we all know about it simultaneously. We gather information and share it, we watch and help you where we can. One day we will have a relationship with humans where we are just as alive to all people as the animals are, but that’s in the future. Right now we are teaching you as you are teaching us. That is how it should be.

There is much, much more about the role of crystals on Earth in my book Planet Earth Today. 

©Candace Caddick

A New Cycle of Peace

By the Archangel Michael, Archangel of the Earth.

You began a new cycle of energy on Earth this month (or more accurately Thurs 28th April), a cycle of harmony and peace. This is one of the subjects we angels are most fond of, yet have the most difficulty convincing human beings can ever take place in their world. How can we say there is a new cycle of peace, what do we mean?


We have talked in the last few months about a wave of energy arriving that is an opportunity for you to relax and receive some help from the Universe. The wave that began at the end of April can lift you and help you on your way to your chosen destination. You can glide rather than struggle on your path. As the weeks’ progress we watch this happen with many of you. Where it is most effective is when you are taking actions, rather than doing nothing. An action has energy that is tangible and can be grabbed just like a piece of wood floating in the sea. Your actions can be lifted forward, connections are made,  and unlikely coincidences take place. This should be fun for all of you.

This same helpful wave holds the vibration of harmony and peace. Your actions are pushed by this harmonic wave. Think about a different type of wave of chaos energy or perhaps disharmony. As that wave rolled through human society did you feel more friction between you, was there an increase in fighting? You have just lived through a wave that lasted 100 years or so, since the time of the First World War. This wave is the antidote, the opposite, and it is far, far stronger than any previous wave for a century. The universe – a place of great and unlimited love – is extending a helping hand to all of you. You eat, sleep and live surrounded now by this wave of peace.

Many of you have felt the switch in energy and it has been unsettling, perhaps you have felt a bit jittery at times over the last month. This wave is enough to cause those feelings. You all need time to adjust in your physical selves, and you will have time it, you are all beings of love in your origins and it is easier for humans to adjust to love than fighting. We estimate this wave of peace will settle down and begin to influence society on Earth in the next two years or so. You cannot continue as you are and live in love, and proceed to align with the love of the outer universe. We are waiting to welcome you home one day.

©Candace Caddick