Trouble Focusing on Your Life?

By the First Elohim.

This was written after a few weeks of feeling like I couldn’t see a straight path ahead and when I had lost my focus. So I started to ask around in a mini-survey, and found I was not alone in this feeling. Part of it is that the hours feel shorter and time is speeding up. The First Elohim is a manipulator of time, and he confirmed that time IS speeding up, but not as fast as I thought! Each hour is only a little shorter than it was. This is nothing to do with the physical Earth, but the energetic Earth. As a correction for myself I am heading to Avebury where the Earth energy is strongest and re-balance my physical and energy bodies.

Earth Picture courtesy NASA

Earth. Picture courtesy NASA

You are in a period on Earth right now that is like a car spinning its wheels, revving up to shoot forward at the fastest speed possible. How are you coping with the current build-up of energy?

You are all beloved human beings, and we are here to help. This speed of change is something new, something to adjust to, and then adjust again later. You will feel most at peace and have the best physical health when you are vibrating at the same rate as the planet. The Earth is increasing her ascent into light and increasing the amount of light she holds for herself and all life on her. You will be fine, but may find it a bit tricky to pick your way around others who are behaving stunned by the shifts and variations of energy. They do not understand what is happening. You need not try to inform everyone of the changes, only those who express interest.

The way to keep yourself balanced, grounded and moving forward at your own speed is to spend as much time outside as possible where you are aware of nature. A big city like London only offers this experience in its parks. Plan daily walks in pleasant places and you are helped as  you walk. Help is everywhere, in the plants, insects and animal life.  Ground yourselves every time you can remember, you need to draw in Earth energy from the ground up. The energy will be slightly different each time, and you will adjust incrementally. From being grounded and balanced you can move forward without stumbling. Once you are moving forward in this manner you will be in the flow of change, and its important to know there is nothing you can do to stop change. It is most enjoyable if you give in and just see where it goes. You must change or give up -it’s not possible to stay as you are on a planet changing as swiftly as the Earth. And then when you can slide from one change into the next with ease you are closer to knowing who you are and what you can do. And that is the whole point of your existence here on Earth, it’s what you came here to learn – who you are.