After 2016 – what do we do next?

By the Archangel Melchizadek.

2016 was a tumultuous year because the speed of change is increasing.  You KNOW what’s wrong in the world, what is dragging it downwards and backwards. What is unfair and unjust, murderous and unkind; thieving and grasping, heartless and cruel. Many of you observed with your own eyes that little was improving and 99% of lives were becoming too hard. Any trust in government had faded away, and the only hope was that your government would not make it worse.  How would you, by yourself, have corrected these problems?

End of a significant year! 

The two biggest world events, and they are not the same, nor will have the same trajectory or resolution, were the Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump. They are different and yet the same, born of the same frustration and distrust. Two new pathways are now in existence and other pathways are erased. Where on these pathways will you set your own feet? That is all that matters to you now and this is your instruction booklet on how to correct these problems. You correct all the problems with your own actions because these are human problems and you are human. So for instance, every time you stop to help another person anywhere, in any way, you are changing the new pathway. You pull it towards the light. If you are worried that the world is heading towards unpleasantness, then act in love. Even the smallest act of love changes the path, and if you are able to join with others in the many, many ways humans treat each other with love then you will have a greater pull on the pathway towards the light. You in the USA did not stand in the way of the darkness when it came knocking and your task is more important, to stand up for the light, for love and safety for everyone. Don’t be led to act against your conscience, don’t be fooled again. You know that government has not responded to you in the past, it’s your turn to not respond to the government. There were those in WW2 who hid the Jews from their own governments. Do you see how big a change that will be? You have the opportunity to form the future for light or dark, it’s created through actions and words. Those who pray and send light have an affect also, but it is not enough unless it inspires right action.

I’ve noticed the Archangel Melchizadek has been taking a hard line in the last couple of months, so I asked him why the change in tone? He says this is how you speak to grown-ups, people who are responsible for their actions. We’re not children. Also look forward, not back, and take action for the future.

©Candace Caddick

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  1. J Protano

    Love this message, especially…..’You have the opportunity to form the future for light or dark, it’s created through actions and words.’ To a world of possibilities! And to adulthood!

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