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Angel Healing releases blocks from previous lives, enabling you to move forward in your life now.  Do you ever feel that you keep repeating the same frustrating pattern of behaviour over and over again?  It’s common to blame something or someone from your childhood. As you are unable to look any farther back than this lifetime you do not realise that you may be repeating a pattern rooted in a past lifetime’s events.

Angels are not limited to viewing only your present life.  They exist in timeless space and can see exactly where the problem or current blockage arose in a past life. They have decided to offer some help for those who wish to stop self-limiting behaviour. When I see clients I look directly with the angels’ guidance to the crucial blockage in your lifetimes. I stand next to you in your past life and help or heal you at the time of the painful experience. After this past life healing you usually stop repeating the behaviour pattern that is holding you back. If you have ever had trouble “seeing” into your past lives, then this is for you.

As an example, one of the common problems from the past is rejection. Instead of rejection angels can create reconciliation and healing. This brings change to all of your past, present and future lives and the changes ripple out from you in each incarnation. Pain is not something you have to carry with you. Angels are willing to help on an individual basis, and respect the journey each of you is traveling on.

For Angel Healing I offer healing at the point of distant pain, and will include a personal channelling so you understand what has taken place.  I work as the angel’s mouthpiece for this exercise and provide a down-to-Earth service. This is not obscure and flowery channelling, but personal to you.

I have been treating people in the UK, but I now realise that Skype phone-calls can offer a personal service for people in other countries. If you are interested in being helped by the angels then I hope you will contact me. If you are not local and have no previous experience of Skype then I can still help you, please contact me on the “contacts” page.  Angel Healing is £75 an hour, or approximately $115 US,  $120 Australian, or 90 Euros.

Angel Healing – £75.00


“We are all energy beings, a pulsating vibration of particles continually interacting and changing. Since my journey into understanding charisma began I have become increasingly fascinated with channelling and accessing widsom, guidance and support from a transcendental perspective. Candace is
one of the most powerful channellers I have ever met and been blessed to work with. From the moment my session with her started I felt a powerful presence and knew the truth of everything she shared with me. I cannot understand what happened that day. I do know that I feel calmer, clearer
and possess an absolute conviction that all is well. If you have stumbled upon Candace Caddick you are truly meant to work with her. It will be one of the best decisions that you ever make. Extraordinary!”
Nikki Owen FPSA
Award Winning Speaker  on Charisma, Energy and Authentic Leadership


“I am so happy with my Angel reading, feeling I have been released from the past life trauma of not being wanted.”  M.B.

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  1. candace Post author

    I have installed paypal for this and the tarot readings on the Store page to make it easier for readers to order either. If anyone does wish a healing or reading please write to me and confirm that you are interested.

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