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Stepping Through the Looking Glass, Planet Earth Today, The Downfall of Atlantis, And I Saw A New Earth are also available for Kindle on Amazon.

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

Stepping Through the Looking Glass: Life on the Other Side

This is a channelled book by Archangels who wish to help humanity reach its goal of  ascension. 2012 began a new Earth cycle filled with promise for humanity. Stepping Through the Looking Glass takes you out of the old and into the new Earth by showing you the planet as the angels see it. We offer you a glimpse of your past in ancient Egypt and how the solution to your economic problems will ultimately be solved in the same way. Death plays a role in life on this planet:  it has already changed. Karma no longer governs you and even new souls are no longer the same.  Magic is present everywhere. There are new waves of people incarnating now, the Peacemakers and the Masters, to help in the future as the Indigo Children do now. Everything you once knew is changing rapidly, and you are free to create your own future. You have stepped through the looking glass and we are here as your guides to Life on the Other Side.

ISBN: 978-0-9565009-4-6

Available online £11.99, $17.99 and €13.95. Available from me for £11.00 + £3.00 p & p.

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Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

Guidebook to the Future: Practical Advice for a Changing World

There are an overwhelming number of changes taking place now. It’s as if you began a long journey without a map, and the road, and even the destination, keeps changing as you travel. This year, as soon as you become accustomed to one alteration another will take its place. Changes are taking place in the higher dimensions that will affect your society and economies and influence the forward progress of humanity. Think of this book as a map or guidebook into the near future, showing you the new energy and the way it shapes your individual pathways. We want you to relax, let go and enjoy the journey.

Angels are beings of love and light, and this book was channelled to help people look past the radical new changes to the happier world beyond.

Available online £11.99, $17.99 and €13.95. Available from me for £11.00 + £3.00 p & p.

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ISBN: 978-0-9565009-3-9


And I Saw a New Earth

And I Saw a New Earth: 2012 and Beyond

2012 – the most exciting year for the Earth and humanity for a long, long time.

Earth reaches her moment of rebirth, changing completely at the end of the year. She will look the same, but everything will be different. Earth is becoming a whole new planet energetically and your lives cannot stay the same. Humanity is given a fresh start on a vibrant planet, opening to the light areas of business and government that have been hidden for lifetimes. This brings you closer to your own ascension as a soul group, and the completion of your experiences here. 2012 is the year when everything changes for the better.

This book completes a trilogy that began with Planet Earth Today and The Downfall of Atlantis about humanity and the Earth. Each book stands alone although the story of humanity runs through all three. This is the story of the soul group who chose to learn the hardest way of all on its road to light. The changes over the next decades will challenge you to the centre of your being. You’re on your way home.

Paradigm Shift Magazine Review:

Although this book is an extremely ‘easy read’, it is one I felt needed to be taken slowly and steadily to be able to fully digest all the fascinating and encouraging information within its pages. With each chapter being devoted to a particular subject, this book answers many questions whilst opening up new perspectives for the reader to explore. One of the best channelled works I have seen – it has certainly given me much on which to ponder.

Review by Joan Osborne 

And I Saw A New Earth: 2012 and Beyond

Available online £11.99, $17.99 and €13.95. Available from me for £11.00 + £3.00 p & p.

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ISBN: 978-0-9565009-2-2

Planet Earth Today Front Cover

Planet Earth Today Front Cover

Planet Earth Today – How the Earth and Humanity Developed Together, and Where We’re Going Next

There have been books before about the living planet Earth, who we are, why we are here, where we are going, 2012, Atlantis, angels, Reiki, crystals and ascension.  This is the first book that ties them together into a coherent whole.  It is written by six Archangels who have come to explain, inform and prepare the way for human and planetary ascension, one of whom is the Archangel of Darkness.  This book guides you in specific steps you can take that will make a difference to your life, and the health and ascension of the planet; some are energetic, and some physical and practical.  Planet Earth Today is written for those who wish to know more about the world they live in.

Available online £10.99, $16.99, €12.95 or from me for £11.00 + £3.00 p&p.

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ISBN 978-0-9565009-0-8


The Downfall of Atlantis

The Downfall of Atlantis:  A History of the Tragic Events Leading to Catastrophe

The story of planet Earth and the origins of the human race are incomplete without including the history of Atlantis. Once again working with channel Candace Caddick the Archangels explain this early failure and how the energetic echoes from the past have altered our lives here today. The sheer horror of the Fourth Age of Atlantis, due in great part to cloning, has never been explained in such a clear and understandable fashion as in this book. The story of Atlantis is relevant in this modern age as humanity once again heads down the scientific path of cloning without truly understanding its effect on the soul.

Atlantis did not fully disappear until the last Atlanteans perished long afterwards. Great civilisations were established following the destruction, dwindling away over millennia until the days of King Arthur, the last of the Atlantean-style kings. His story and sacrifice lives on in your memories due to its significance for all humanity, and has been the basis of many of your works of fiction. It is time to remember Atlantis and Arthur, and begin to see your true world again.

ISBN  978-0-9565009-1-5

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Available online £10.99, $16.99, €12.95 or £11.00 + £3.00 p&p

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